Monday, May 5, 2014

Who Cares?!?!

I ran across an article recently titled 7 Ways to Stop Fearing What Everyone Thinks of You. You can read it here

Marc Chernoff's Tips:
Get comfortable with not knowing what other people think
Know that most people are NOT thinking about you anyway
Accept that someone else's opinion is NOT your problem
Ask yourself, "does what they think even matter?"
See the benefit in being unique
Be fully present and aware of how you DO want to feel 
Speak and live your truth 

One of the best parts about being a mother, besides the morning snuggles, belly laughs, drooly smiles, and soft coos is the blessing to no longer care what anybody thinks. It's a quality God blesses us with to keep us sane during those exhausted and hungry days.

I was always concerned about the thoughts of other people that it turned into a burden. I like to make people happy and for them to like me, but that's not always possible, it's not reality. My husband is the best about not giving a second thought to what people think of him, what he does, who he is, or anything concerning our family. He truly is his own person and I love and admire him for that. 

Now that I'm a mother, my main concern is my child's health and happiness, everything else and anybody else just 

And that's such an amazing feeling!

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