Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top 10 Baby Items

I feel it is necessary, if not absolutely critical to share with you my top 10 baby items. Why? 

Because there are thousands upon thousands of products out there. Everybody has different tastes, budgets, and interests. For example. Want a baby carrier? What kind? What's your budget? Soft or wrap? What age is your baby? What brand? Now what type of carrier within that brand? 

Babyland gets crazy sometimes and for me it was about less is more. I don't like a lot of stuff it just turns into junk stored in your garage taking up space, so I thought I'd help out new mommas who might be registering in the near future to pick out the absolute must haves. 
No pressure friends...
Oh come on, you know I'm talking to you *wink wink* 

aden + anais blue oh boy! muslin swaddles

When I got pregnant, I texted several friends and asked them to send me their top baby must haves. This was one of the musts from a friend in AZ. She was soooo right about these little jewels. 
You'll get tons of blankets at your baby showers. I have tons and let me just tell you all of them have been used multiple times in Little Monkey's 3 months of life. 
These blankets are his favorite, I lay him down for a nap and he curls it into his hands and rubs it against his face. This plus a binkie equals lights out for my baby. 
No rocking required. 
I love them because they are large, breathable, light, and fluffy. Great for hot Georgia summers!

Y'all won't see the Little Monkey very often on the blog, but I felt the need to showcase how awesome the Baby K'tan is. 
That's him being fed while I walk around the house, I love it! 

Think baby wearing just isn't your "thing"?
Think again.

Little Monkey loves the K'tan. We took him to the UGA Graduation in it, I walked the campus and stadium easily with him strapped to me the entire time. When he gets extra fussy putting him in the carrier and walking him around is the only thing that will calm him. While wearing Little Monkey I am free to cook, do laundry, read a book, pet the dogs, or browse the internet all while feeling close to him. 

I love the K'tan because it is easy for doofuses like me. The Moby Wrap looked way too complicated and after reading thousands of reviews I definitely made the right choice.

We are in the market for a soft structured  baby carrier now because I want to keep wearing him and the K'tan is more for newborns/infants, not for long shopping trips or hiking. I've decided to go with the Beco Gemini, I'll review it soon. 

Baby wearing is the best thing you can do for yourself (to get your sanity back) and for your baby. I could go on and on about the benefits of baby wearing (best believe there will be a future post on it), but I'd rather throw some knowledge at those interested and move on. 

The dreaded carseat shopping.
Thousands upon thousands of options. I decided to go with a travel system because I knew I wanted a jogger stroller for cheap, this was a great set at a great price. 
So far it has endured 2-4 miles of hilly walking 5-6 days a week since Little Monkey was 2 weeks old. 
That speaks for itself! 

I'll spare you the picture on here. My dad stops by the blog every now and then and I'd hate to freak him out! 
I've been exclusively pumping (I'll post soon on my thoughts/tips) since we brought Little Monkey home. He was a great nurser at the hospital, then something happened and he would not latch. At his 2 month appointment I had the doctor check to see if he was tongue tied (causes issues with nursing) and he was, now it is fixed, but his love for the bottle still survives.
Since I pump 10-20 min every 4-5 hours, being hands free is a must. I can snuggle Little Monkey, play with him on my lap, pop his binkie back into his mouth, or blog... hehehe. 
All while pumping that liquid gold. 
I'm rather addicted to it now and love to see my freezer full! 
This is the best bra in my opinion because it has two layers of fabric instead of one insuring a snug hold. 

BRICA Baby In-Sight Soft-Touch™ Auto Mirror for in Car Safety - Gray

When you get into the car for the first time with your baby, don't let it be a trip to Athens an hour and a half away when your baby is 3 weeks old.

That's right, I did it and we survived just fine! 

But I didn't have a car mirror and I was worried about him the entire ride. When I finally arrived, The Big Dawg and I went immediately to Target for this goodie. 

It's a great mirror with 6 options for securing it correctly. Being able to see my sweet Monkey sleep while I drive is a big comfort when driving alone.

Boppy Fabric Slipcover for Nursing Pillow - Tan Jungle Patch

Since Little Monkey doesn't nurse I thought I would have no need for this pillow.
I was very wrong. This pillow is more than that. It is great for tummy time, guests who are more comfortable with support while holding the baby, and for extra snuggles on your lap. 
I even used it to sit on when recovering at the hospital after his birth...
It's a pillow for many, many uses! 

Besides the K'tan, this is Little Monkey's second home. He is at an age where he loves to look around and see what others are doing. He enjoys sitting and talking in this chair like an old man. I like it because it is light weight and easy to move around the house. When I'm getting dressed for work, this is his hang out spot while I'm in the shower. It has a rocking position and a stand to prop for when they are teeny tiny. It also vibrates which is a must for nap-time! 
Fisher-Price Kick 'n Play Piano Gym
Oh how we love our play mat gym! I've had Little Monkey lay on this thing since he was a newborn. I set it inside his crib when he was little so he was always safe and secure to explore. His favorite toy is the blue hippo, now that he is older it is a great toy for hand-eye coordination. Plus the music has different settings/volumes so that momma isn't pulling her hair out by the end of the day! 

Mother's Milk and Raspberry Leaf Tea 

Product DetailsProduct Details

When you have no time to eat and you are trying to recover from birthing an 8 pound baby, a cup of tea will taste really wonderful. Mother's milk promotes healthy lactation.  Raspberry Leaf tea is fantastic for women's *ahem* to help things get back to their normal shape. In other words, it helps you lose the mommy pooch quicker, does that help? 
They are both delicious, organic and herbal! 

Now I realize I have much more to learn in the mommy department, but so far the above products have made my life much easier.
I was extremely, extremely blessed to have an amazing baby shower so most of these gifts were received with much thanks and gratitude. 

Hang in there momma and come back for my post: Dos and Don'ts for a New Momma's Postpartum Life tomorrow! 


Kendra said...

Love all these items!! I just found your blog though your kind comment on my blog. Thanks for commenting! Oh and I just read your conversion story and got all teary. What an amazing story. I grew up in Happy Valley and I did and still do love it, but I really didn't know a non member besides the druggies on the corner :) LOL, but even here in southern Utah it is so different.

Giggles said...

I'm so glad you love the K'tan! Some days I miss using ours. But she's almost 1 and it would be a bit tight now. We're still using our Aden blankets though. Those things are the best!