Monday, May 12, 2014

Red and Black UGA Graduation Dessert Party

This past weekend we had so much to celebrate!!! My husband, who will now officially be known on the blog as "The Big Dawg" graduated from The University of Georgia. After many years of hard work, paper after paper, test after test, he finally did it and we are so proud of him!
My mom introduced me to this great party website called These adorable bottles, our Georgia plates and napkins, and candy bars came from the website. Super cheap and fun, go check them out!

The Big Dawg IS SOMEBODY, he is an amazing person, he deserves the best. I saw this quote on Pinterest and thought what a great graduation gift idea! I found my way to the Etsy page for 2VinylChicks. When he opened it we both teared up, we've been through so much for him to get his education, words just can't describe how it felt to see him in his cap and gown.
These Oreos are a mess!! I dipped them in white chocolate and then froze them in the freezer. Once I pulled them out and attempted to stack them in nice little rows, I soon realized they were stuck to the plate. So this hot mess is the result, they were delicious!
These are The Big Dawg's favorite treat.
I love chocolate covered strawberries, yummmmmm!
These cute graduation hats were another idea from Pinterest. They made them as pops, but I thought they looked fine without the stick. So good! Peanut butter cups, Ghirardelli chocolate and a mini M&M on top.
I made homemade chocolate chip cookies and we bought this Publix Red Velvet Cake, so moist and delicious. We will definitely use the Publix bakery again for parties.
Before Commencement
The Big Dawg is walking up the center isle.
Tears were in my eyes watching this scene. Little Monkey was just fine during the ceremony, he stayed cozy in the Baby K'tan (look for my review soon).
We sacrificed daily for his education. While The Big Dawg was in school, I worked full time to provide for our tiny family and pay his tuition. He worked part time on and off, he studied, we prayed, we stayed up many late nights editing papers, we spent hundreds on books and projects. Blood, sweat, and tears went into his degree and words can't describe watching him walk onto that field last Friday!


JJ said...

looks like a great party. all those desserts are amazing!

congrats to the "Big Dawg" hehe.

Erin Elizabeth said...

you can never go wrong with a dessert party! proud of Richard for all his hard work and proud of you for all your hard work!

Giggles said...

Woohoo! Congratulations. Looks like a fabulous party and an even better reason to celebrate.