Friday, May 23, 2014

Foodie Friday

Sorry to flake out on y'all so soon, but I had no time this week to try out a new recipe for Foodie Friday! I went back to work (thankful I had such a long maternity leave not very women get 10 weeks off like I did!) and since I work evenings it's harder to dish up a nice dinner. My mornings are spent with Little Monkey, he deserves all of momma's loving and for breakfast we don't do anything blog worthy (oatmeal and eggs, yum)! I'm hoping with this 3 day weekend coming up to crank out a couple new recipes, so check back with me next Friday to see what we've got cooking! 
I'll also be posting my advice for new moms (oh yea, I'm a total know it all now) and my top ten baby items! 
Have a wonderful weekend and hey! Go enjoy the sunshine! 

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Erin Newton said...

I haven't done my Pinterest Pledges in a while, too many things going on. We'll get back on the saddle soon.