Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Transformation Pictures, Why I Won't Participate

There seems to be a fad going around of fitness transformation pictures. Some of them are absolutely amazing... others I find a little disturbing. I hope as much as people are focusing on their bodies, they are also enriching their minds with good books and education. And staying clear of that popular "thigh gap" which according to Dr. Oz is totally unhealthy in women. 

But wouldn't only a fat girl say that?

Thanks for thinking that... thanks a lot.

No, I'm not fat, I've never been fat. I'm an average size woman at 5'7 with a size 9 foot, who since 5th grade has had the rear end of a mack truck. It's just how my body is shaped. Even at my skinniest 135 lbs. in high school, I still had that rear end, and ya know what? I'm proud of it, it's inherited from my ancestors and it makes me unique. 

I have some major baby weight to lose to get back to high school shaped Whitney. I want to get in the best shape of my life. Why?
Not for a transformation picture. Not to show to the world in a slinky top and barely there shorts my awesome new body.
No, I'm doing it for the only person who should see me that way. 
For my husband who has never really "seen" my best body and he deserves that for putting up with me for the past 4 years! 
And for my son who deserves to have an active, healthy mom. 

I've always loved exercise, I've played sports, exercise classes are my favorite, and I walk miles around any town I live in. 
Eating is my issue. 
Let me say that again. 
Eating is my issue. 
I love sweets and I love them hard. And I love them good. And I love them dearly. 

After I had Little Monkey it was a choice between sweets and breads. I chose sweets, chocolate has my heart, I can do without sandwiches, pasta, toast, and cereals.  I'm burning 500 calories or more a day using my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch to track it. I'm also breastfeeding which burns 20 calories per ounce, but I don't add that in my daily count! Bouncing, swaying, and rocking a 10 pound baby doesn't hurt either...
This is my watch from last week, Little Monkey and I walked 2 miles, he grinned as I did jumping jacks and Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred.

Here's me in those awesome pregnancy sweatpants 2 weeks post delivery walking with baby, Sunny Day, and the hubs. 
Are you trying to lose weight and need a partner? 
Let's do it together and kick that fat in the... butt

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