Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Share Friday

One of my best friends in high school was from Brazil, her family moved here when I was in 10th grade and I loved getting to know their culture. They would often speak Portuguese in their home and I quickly picked up on simple phrases, I spent many days and nights at their house! After school her mom would have a massive pan (twice this size of the above) of veggie crescent bars
She'd also have my favorite brand of sweet tea in the fridge and a jar full of iced cookies. 
I was in heaven! 
They moved back to Brazil when I was a freshman in college and social networking has helped us keep our friendship up to date. 
 This is not a suggested fall recipe, but still one that my pregnant body was saying "me want now" (please read this in Cookie Monster's voice)!!  
The fall leaves have been beautiful around Georgia this year. These beauties were outside the library last week. 
This picture does a poor job of showing off how lovely this really is! The colors are not lime green. Below is a better picture of the actual shade of green our nursery colors will be. 
This piece is from my mom's bedroom when she was a child and later in my bedroom. 
It was originally an off white wooden piece, that I then painted black for our office, and now it is this pretty green. It will be a great piece for nursery storage space! 
My dad painted it and added navy handles to match. 
I love giving new life to old pieces of furniture. 
I am horrible at before and after pictures. I get so caught up in the after that I rarely get a shot of the before! This piece was in my grandparent's home (on my mother's side). It's solid wood, never painted, and had two brass handles on both sides. R removed those handles and put the primer down.
And this is how it looks now!
Perfect place for baby boy's first books! We've already started his collection with these Dr. Seuss board books!
It's amazing how perfect this looks in the nursery, it's been sitting in my parent's living room for years just holding magazines! 
I'm now in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Today I am 29 weeks (in this pic I am 27 weeks)! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I have loved feeling baby boy kick and move, he is getting so much stronger now. R loves to get right next to my tummy to talk to him and he loves it! He kicks like crazy when he hears R's loud voice. Sometimes at work I can look down at my shirt and see him moving around, it is so amazing! I feel nothing but gratitude that I've been given this little miracle in my life. 
Closer to our holiday break I have mini projects at work to update for the new year. 
One of them is opening up our suggestion box from our students. 
I had to laugh at whoever wrote the Justin Bieber is hot comment, I strongly disagree (I like my men to actually look like men), but still thought it was funny. 
Oh, The Rosie Project!! 
It is a delightful romantic comedy, the main character Don Tillman reminded me of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Don is in search for a wife and creates a detailed questionnaire to weed out bad candidates. I smiled the entire time I read this book. I'm kind of hoping now they make this into a movie, but I just don't think they would be able to create this lovable character well enough to suit my standards! 
My December to do list is growing by the pages! I am so blessed and thankful to work at a school where we get a little under three weeks to celebrate Christmas!
At the top of this list, it should say "name the baby". R and I are still having a hard time naming him before seeing him, so we hope next Saturday when we have the 3D/4D ultrasound, we will be able to name him. No promises though. 

I've got my Pandora radio set to classic Christmas music and we are getting into the holiday spirit!
Dean Martin 
Frank Sinatra 
Michael Buble' 
Sarah McLachlan  
Nat King Cole 
Jack Johnson
Perry Como
Bing Crosby
Josh Groban 
Harry Connick Jr. 
Baby It's Cold Outside Zooey Deschanel 
Where Are You Christmas Faith Hill 
I want to check out the Duck Dynasty and Kelly Clarkson Christmas albums too! 

More good news: R applied and accepted the internship offer from the Athens Clark County Police Department! They have several divisions for him to observe and he is beyond ecstatic to work with them from January to April.

The sweet ladies who are hosting my baby shower met this week, I'm SO excited to celebrate with family and friends this coming January! 
Time to get started on baby registries! 

Have a happy weekend! 


Lisa said...

You are one busy mama! Wow, I got a little exhausted reading your to-do list. If I listed out all my to-dos I'd probably get tired looking at it, too. I appreciate the book review...always looking for a good book. Also, Elder Hamer was known as the Bieber Kid in high school...I guess kids thought he looked like the Biebs. Good to know you won't think he's hot...haha

Erin Elizabeth said...

I love the book case! so cute and totally necessary.