Monday, December 2, 2013

Beginning Hope

Her Story:

Born in Alabama, raised in the heart of middle Georgia. Attended elementary school with her special ed teaching mother and later a military school for 9 years (6th through Junior College) where her father was a professor. She was raised Presbyterian, but at the age of 14 starting attending numerous local churches, gained many friends and learned so many new beliefs. Where did she settle?
At the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in August 2003 she was baptized a Mormon in a small Southern town with the full support of her parents.
During her senior spring break, she almost drowned in Panama City Beach, Florida where she grew up swimming on the beaches where her extended family lived. In 2005 at 19, she was injured and hospitalized for a 2 day stay in the local hospital after the local gym's roof collapsed in on her. She completely ruptured her patellar tendon, badly injured the other knee, recovered from deep bruises, and two separate surgeries.
A year later she moved to Provo, Utah to live in the "bubble" of Brigham Young University. She went through homesickness, happy friendships, and exhausting relationships. January of 2007, at 21 she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She changed her major at BYU to Recreational Therapy with the dreams to one day help people overcome obstacles in their life through positive activities. During her senior year, while socializing in a young single ward, she decided she was tired of Utah and yearned for the South, and a southern man... so she created a LDS Linkup account....

His Story:

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Eastern Tennessee. Attended elementary school in a town of 890 people with one older and younger sister,  a little brother would join the family when he was 14. He was raised Mormon in a tiny Southern town. His senior year of high school, his family would move from this small town to a 21,000 populated city. As a teen he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, during a time when it wasn't quite understood. He was a socialite with many, but an introvert to the crowds. While a teenager, a close friend died in a car wreck. He decided to get out of Tennessee and live with his older sister in Texas, where he would meet a wonderful bishop who encouraged him to serve a mission. He would be sent in 2004 to Provo, Utah. He was released to Utah within months of his future wife (at 20) moving to Provo. Their paths never crossed. He would go on to travel with a truck driving company, bike shops, and oil fields, later returning home at 26 to Tennessee to try his hand at becoming a Marine. There he would decide to delete his LDS Linkup account, but not before changing his profile to his current location.... just to see....

Their Story:

In June, 2009 an e-mail would be sent to a handsome Tennessee boy from a BYU senior, to check out the local singles ward. He was ready to be a Marine, she was ready to find a southern boy! A month later after Skyping, e-mailing, and talking on the phone daily, they met at the hotel where he worked with her mother in tow. She saw him first, he saw her and did a little dance, her mom looked at her daughter and said, "He's the one isn't he?"

They would climb through the Great Smoky Mountains together, meet each others' families, and later be separated for 4 months while she finished school in Utah. December 29, 2009, they were married in the Washington D.C. Temple. They would move to her hometown, in the heart of Georgia while he finished an Associate's Degree. She obtained a job at the Junior College library, he was accepted to the University of Georgia, they adopted two pets. They would travel to places and create memories all over the Deep South and beyond. They would suffer heart ache together while experiencing the stress that is infertility. They would grow stronger, more faith-filled, and more compassionate to those around them. They would bring the strengths of enduring the pasts into their future.

And this is just the start of  their beautiful, hopeful journey.

Yep, that's our story! I created this blog so I could write to my heart's content about cooking, photography, our Southern adventures, ADHD, RA, Infertility, and as always, document this crazy life! I hope those who come here leave with whatever they were looking for, hopefully uplifted and inspired.  

Life is interesting and my family? 

Well, we leave a mark wherever we go, whether that is a good or bad thing is for the reader to decide.


J. said...

What a great story and a keeper. Your baby will love hearing this.

Ginger said...

I agree with J. What a wonderful story and written beautifully. Every part of your journey to this point was meant to be. :)

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story! I love it!! You two are so darling.

Giggles said...

Yea! I love hope. And good stories.