Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two Spiritual Goals

Having spiritual goals is amazing. Sometimes we get bogged down with our faith each week that we forget to challenge ourselves! 

While living in Utah, after going through a rather hard time, I made the goal to do baptisms in every Utah temple. At the time there were 12 temples and the most newly dedicated was the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

It was a beautiful way to grow my testimony and strengthen relationships, many of my close friends attended various temples with me while completing my goal. Looking back, I can remember which friend went to which temple and that is such a happy memory!

Our Young Women's president is really awesome, she has been so in tune to the needs of our girls. It's only be a little over two months and I've learned so much about serving others and working as a team. 

She shared her goal to read every Ensign magazine from birth till now. She is an adult convert to the church and wanted to catch up on all she missed over the years. 

I loved this idea and so now it has become one of my new goals. I'm almost done with the January 1986 issue!

The next goal for 2014 is to finally get my Young Women's medallion by completing the Personal Progress program. 

I began the program two years ago when I was called to be a mentor to one of the young ladies, life happened, we changed wards, but now I have been given the opportunity again to complete it. 

I think both of these goals are obtainable, even with a new baby on the way! 


Carla said...

wow reading all those ensigns will be a challenge for sure, but the conference ensigns are always great reads! And if you nurse baby boy--it usually equals a lot of time sitting so it's a great time to work on your goal!

Lisa said...

Now that is a TON of Ensigns to read, but it is a fantastic goal. There are so many wonderful articles and lessons over the years...My goal every year is to read the Ensign cover to cover. A few years ago, I was reading everything BUT....I have cut back on all my magazine subscriptions so I am not tempted...Now I just read the Ensign and my HGTV magazine. :)

Team said...

What a cool goal! :)

Monica Lynn said...

Both of those are so amazing! I have the LDS Gospel Library app on my phone and it has all the ensigns and will actually read them to me, so even if life is crazy with a baby on the way you can listen to them too!

I was baptized when I was 12 so the Young Women's personal progress program means a lot to me. I was a huge benefit to building depth and breadth to my testimony. I have often wanted to do it again. There is actually an old school version for the relief society sisters, I think I'm going to do both that and the ensigns!


Giggles said...

I had set the goal to visit all the Utah temples and I was three shy when I left the state. And then they built a whole bunch more. I've checked off all three current Arizona ones though.