Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Gratitude 2013

This year I wanted to start a new tradition around the Thanksgiving table. We made plans to visit my aunt in North Carolina, a menu was created, items packed, and then the bad weather showed on the forecast. Driving up to my aunt's requires that we drive straight through Atlanta. Atlanta traffic is never predictable; with bad weather on the way and with R working the Christmas tree farm on Friday, we decided to stay home for the holiday. We will attempt another visit this December!
For Thanksgiving it was mom, R, and me! My dad spent the holiday with family down in Florida.

Our menu:
Ham from Old Clinton BBQ (best BBQ in GA)
Parmesan rosemary mashed potatoes
Apple Pecan Cranberry Dressing- a mix of the Neely's cornbread and Pioneer Woman's recipes
Sister Schubert rolls (only the best)
Peanut Butter Pie

My mom and I both like to try new twists on classic recipes so that the food is different each year. Our dinner was delicious and the left overs did not disappoint!

After we blessed the food (it's family tradition to hold hands around the table), I passed around these Count Your Blessings sheets and while we ate each family members wrote 10 items to be grateful for in each category, resulting in 100 things per person!

Festive paper plates are the way to go for easy cleanup! Mom did a great job with the table!

I didn't notice until posting this pic that in the top left is R, in his black sweatpants, haha, no dressing up in this house for turkey day!!

R&W's 2013 Gratitude List 

Family, friends, family. Friends who are family and family who are friends
Our pets, Sunny and Milo, Herkie and Hannah 
Long walks in nature
The local river walk with it's updates and new trials
Finding beauty in the simple things
My body's ability to create life
Washer and dryer
Reliable vehicles
Cooking with mom
Christmas music and movies
White Fudge Oreos
Kroger employees who helped the hubs find items on our food list for the 3rd run in 2 days
Fall leaves
Places to be grateful for: Milledgeville, Athens, Provo, LDS temples, Washington D.C. (where we were married), Salt Lake City, Knoxville (where my husband, father, grandparents and many generations of Harmons originated), Auburn/Montgomery (where my parents met), Panama City Beach, Dallas, and Murphy (where family lives). Ireland, Paris, London, Italy, Germany, Alaska, New England, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, and China all future places to visit.
 Sunshine on cold days
Cold weather, first year ever being grateful for cooler temperatures, pregnancy is making me hot!
Gratitude for the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
Endless Love and Acceptance for everyone
Giving us Peace
Showing love through service
Families are forever
The Atonement of Jesus Christ
Modern day Revelation
General Conference
Prophets and Apostles
Our ward family
Testimony meetings
Law of Tithing
Word of Wisdom
Priesthood Blessings

2012 Gratitude List

2011 Gratitude List

Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope your family has a gratitude filled weekend!!!

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Giggles said...

What great idea to do the lists like that. Sometimes we think it would be real hard to list that many blessings. But once you get started it can be hard to stop. We played scattegories with the young women a month ago where the only category was "blessings" and they had to list as many as they could for a particular letter in one minute. Eight minutes later they had around 100 each. It was amazing.