Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pregnancy Dreams

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my dreams and apparently they only get crazier after pregnancy.

I have never dreamed about food in my life. I am embarrassed to admit this, but ever since becoming pregnant I dream about food.... A LOT

One dream in particular comes to mind. R and I were at a restaurant with some older men, who I've never met before. Apparently, we were all buddies! The waitress brought our drinks and food then flirted with R, like full on flirt right in front of me! 

We begin to eat these huge, massive hamburgers with lots of toppings. I mean as big as my head! The waitress comes back to refill our drinks and sits on R's lap. She whispers in his ear and walks away.

At this point in my dream, I'm feeling really hungry. I grab these huge steak fries and eat some of those while fuming and glaring at this woman throwing herself at my husband.
While I'm eating my burger watching this unfold, I thought to myself, "As soon as I'm done with this burger I'm going to tell this girl what's up!!!" 
Then she leaves.

The waitress comes back a final time, gets down on the floor and starts scrubbing something invisible off the floor, bending over to show her rear end to my husband and the other men at the table.

Well I had enough of that, so I walk over and pour my drink all over this poor girl. She got up and walked away drenched, I never said a word, just sat back down at the table... 

Is that not crazy?! I have never in my life put a hand on another woman . I've been cheated on before, out of any dramatic, hurtful situation in my life I could see that being the only time where I would have acted out of control trashy, due to all the hurt I was dealing with, but me?! 
Pour water on a woman?
Or like the last dream I wrote about where I pulled a woman's hair?

So not only am I a big fatty when I dream, but I also turn into a New Jersey housewife ready to pull some wigs and pour drinks in women's faces. 

AH! So embarrassing!!!!! 


Stefani Leavitt said...

Haha that's awesome. Pregnancy dreams are so weird sometimes! With both kids, I've had like...creepy, hyper-sexual dreams. Not the sexy kind. Just the...weird and hilarious kind. I think I'd rather dream about food! :-P You're almost in the home stretch, girlie!

J. said...

How funny! The dreams are just weirder, which is saying something for me since I had weird dreams even when I wasn't pregnant.

Erin Elizabeth said...

This is really funny. All else takes a backseat to your hunger. Oh, and I think the restaurant in your dream must have been Hooters. That's how I picture the behavior of the waitresses there.

Lisa said...

Okay, I'm not dream expert, but it sounds like you are feeling insecure...maybe about body image...But, yeah, pregnancy dreams are way weird.

Giggles said...

I love the way our brains sort out the day while we sleep. :)