Friday, November 8, 2013

Photo Share Friday

Pomegranates have been on sale at Kroger, I've been eating 2 a week. The sour seeds and sweet juice are so delicious, yum. I'm sure the antioxidants are helpful as well! 
Is it true that the hubs will crack one open, dig out the seeds, put them in a bowl and give it to me?
Yes. Yes, he absolutely does.
He likes to shell my crab for me too,  says I don't get all the meat out...but we won't go there...  
I was so excited when I saw Kelly Clarkson's wedding photo on the cover of People! I have loved her since a grade school bestie and I drove from Georgia to Tampa to see her live! Her music got me through some rough breakups and I look forward to seeing how her music changes now that she's mushy in love!  
Evening in Excellence for our Young Women is right around the corner! I am loving my calling as the secretary; keeping records organized, creating handouts, and now invitations. This is the invite I created on, one of the counselors suggested the site and I'm excited to see what the final product is tomorrow when they come in the mail.  
I started this book yesterday while waiting for my blood to be drawn for the glucose test. Historical fiction, based on true events in Iceland, early 19th century setting. Wow. Already, it has me hooked. Y'all can find me on the couch this weekend with this and some hot chocolate in a mug! 


Lisa said...

Ooo a good book and hot chocolate! Yes!! When I was little pomegranates used to fall from trees into our school yard. We would eat them during recess and stuff. I haven't had one since...long time ago.

J. said...

Love pomegranates but I can't bring myself to pay over a dollar a pop for just one. We used to get them for free where I was from. Sigh...