Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo Share Friday

When I saw the 3rd book in the Divergent series in our new book order, I was overcome with excitement! I was one of the first (at least in my circle of friends) to read Divergent years ago and slowly the popularity has grown. The movie will be in theaters next year! The release date for this book was Oct. 22nd, but we received it Oct. 17th! I finished it over the weekend, cried over the ending, and then realized I had no one... NO ONE... to talk about it with, so I had to wait.. I'm still waiting on a couple more friends to finish!! I won't ruin the ending, but feel free to privately comment on it, promise I won't publish any spoiler comments to the blog! 
R and I were at Sam's club months ago when he picked up a box of Red Lobster biscuits. I told him I already tried to recreate the recipe and I doubt that box could recreate the magic Red Lobster has... I was very wrong. 
These biscuits are sinfully delicious and should only be consumed on days when a looooong walk/work out session is planned. Try eating just one, I dare ya!! 
One of the programs I'm responsible for at the library is our movie nights. We show three movies per quarter each one based on an ethical issue, historical/literature event, and a popular movie. The program has really taken off! 

When I first started we had around 15 students attend. 
This past quarter we have had over 60 students in a room that only accommodates 45. 

After turning away some students and dealing with others who were upset (that's putting it nicely), I decided to implement a movie ticket requirement. Students now have to come by the library the week before a movie showing to pick up a ticket. 

Remember the picture of the bookmark R created a couple years ago for us? Well he made this chubby bulldog above for our ticket! I love his combat boots and big belly! The book he in his paw is titled, "Five paws movie review". I like to say he is our library mascot, but not sure if the staff is on board with that! 

 We are starting this movie ticket program in November, when we show Life of Pi!
Wish me luck!!!! 
I was halfway through this book when today came and it was time to substitute teach.
Easy money!!
My students had their own assignment so I was able to finish this amazing story.
I knew when I read this at the beginning of the memoir it was the type of book to stay in my mind for a long time to come.
"We can choose to be taken by the evil. Or we can try to embrace the good."
Elizabeth is the perfect example of choosing the good.   
 I love her, I absolutely adore this sweet woman.
Her view on her situation was that her kidnapper/rapist/crazy man was making the choice to do evil, he had his free agency to choose. So from her stand point, she had a choice to make as well and that was to survive and never curse God for what happened to her. She talks about during the hardest of times with her captors feeling the Lord comfort her, He never left her side. She shares small miracles that happened during her 9 months.
She saw the miracles while being raped, abused, and starved for 9 months with two crazy people, she still saw the miracles in the small things.
When she was rescued and saw her mother, she told her to always be happy that the Lord's justice would take care of everything and from then on she should choose to be happy.
Did y'all have a happy Halloween yesterday? 
I worked as I do every holiday, but we still had a mini celebration! My co-worker dressed up like Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty and looked so cute! She really pulled that look off well! 
So many people complimented me on my shirt, at the end of the day when R saw "Jase", he looked at me and said "Why didn't you dress up?!" 
I pointed at my belly and said, "this is dressed up!" 
I haven't gotten excited about Halloween since my college days at BYU, but I'm already planning a costume for next year for our little boy! 


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! The Divergent Series! Our book came in the mail on the 20th. My daughter quickly snatched it up and said she cried at the end, too. I have been intimidated since hearing she cried, but I'll get there eventually.

As for your "costume", I think it is great! I'm not one to dress up for Halloween...But, when the kids are little it is a blast to dress them up.

Erika said...

Uhhhh I have lusted over those Red Lobster biscuits at Sams before! I really did not need to know that they are as good as the real thing. Dangit! ;)

J. said...

I have never heard of this series. Now I'm curious. I'd better check them out before the movie though or I'll be in cue forever. Very cute costume.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Love that Halloween shirt! I told my mom and mother-in-law all about it.