Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Having the Spirit vs. Not Having the Spirit

While reading over this list I couldn't help but think of the places I could improve each day.
It's a quality I love about our church, to constantly strive to be better in every aspect of our lives.
We always get a "do-over". R and I try to teach the youth in Sunday School, that they can always start over, that one bad choice does not have to lead them to even more bad decisions. And if they do, there is always help, people are more willing to forgive than to remember the sins of the past. 
Those who hang past sins over anyone's head do not have an understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
My plan is to print this sheet out, laminate it, and reflect each Sunday on where I stand on this list. 
I ran across this pin on Pinterest and knew I had to have it in my church bag, I hope y'all enjoy it too! 


Lisa said...

That is a great sheet on feeling the spirit. I'm printing that one out, too. Fabulous!

Carla said...

I absolutely love Elder Holland! Also this makes me excited for your little baby to get here--it's amazing how these little spirits help whip us into shape. It's easy to stay on top of prayers and being nice and church when you have a little person constantly reminding you.

Caroline said...

This is just what I needed to read tonight, thanks for sharing!

Giggles said...

What a great list. I think sometimes it is hard to recognize all the small differences in our lives that the Spirit makes.