Thursday, November 7, 2013

24w6d Appointment

Today was the glucose screening appointment. Having seen many of my friends post pictures  complaining about the little orange bottle, I knew what I was in for.
It wasn't that bad, seriously.

Reminds me of the time I had my HSG done, don't believe what you read online. OH, the women were so dramatic about it, horrible pain they said, take pain pills they said!


It was painful when my tube was blocked and the doctor kept trying to push more dye into an area that was obviously not welcoming.
It hurt, really badly, but the pain was gone as soon as the dye was gone. 
Same thing with all this drink mess, it was gross while I drank it, I burped later and that was...gross.

That's not me giving you the nice bloggy side of my experience, that's me telling the truth!

They rushed me through my OB appointment, baby's heart rate was 144 and beating loud and clear for momma to hear! I talked to my doctor about the awful acid reflux I've been having, he suggested taking a liquid if it became worse. Nothing I can't handle! 

I also read chewing gum after eating will help, so I'm trying it this week. 

I am at the 6 month mark and I have to be honest, I just now am feeling pregnant and realizing what all is happening to my body. 
Things. are. changing. 
It used to take me 20 mins to walk our hilly 2 mile neighborhood, it now takes me an hour. If round ligament pain  starts up (now those hurt!) I have to breathe a little and rotate my hips before continuing. 

My clothes are much more snug, as soon as I get home I step into R's XL gym shorts. It's sad when your own pajamas don't fit anymore! My dad brought home a 3XL sweatshirt from the college bookstore, it is huge! Definitely made for one of our football linebackers, but it is perfect for this pregnant lady! 

My back is much more achy by the end of the day, nothing seems to fix that while at work, but I put my feet up as soon as I get home. Last Friday, when I subbed, I got home and my feet were as big as balloons!!!! I think it had something to do with the teacher's chair? Or the rain? Or maybe because that was the same day I hit the 6 month mark so my body decided to show me how pregnant I really am. 

I feel so beautiful, especially after a shower and fresh lotion on my belly, I just look so darn cute! 
Yes, I just said that.
Nothing wrong with a woman feeling feminine is there?! 
I know, I know, come 9 months I'll be singing a different tune, but for now I am enjoying every minute of this experience.


Ginger said...

Yes, you are at a good point right now. I'm glad you are enjoying it! Isn't it funny how the baby goes through a growth spurt over night it seems? I was always amazed that one day I didn't look very pregnant and then, "poof"!, the next day I would wake up and my belly was so big! :)

I hated the glucose test. It was awful. But I'm sure it was nothing compared to what you went through with infertility treatments. You'll be a lot tougher going through the ups and downs of pregnancy than I was just for that reason!

So glad things are going well and your baby is growing and healthy. Thanks for sharing your journey. I think it's so fun.

ElizaO said...

LOL! Got to say I hated the glucose tests. The orange and green ones I could stand, the cherry/fruit punch mix was the worst one. The hardest part for me is that I'm so sensitive to sugar ups and downs that I spent most of it with a headache trying not to pass out. That and I really can't stand needles, especially not when you've been fasting and are dehydrated so it's hard to get a vein. ugg!

Enjoy your down time and keeping your feet up every now and then!

Lisa said...

These big milestones are so much fun! Isn't it an amazing thing to hear the heart beat?

J. said...

Very cool. I loved the 6 month mark. It was a relief to get to that point.

Giggles said...

Who says your tune has to change?

I didn't think the HSG or glucose were that bad either. The drink for the one hour reminded me of cheap orange soda. The three hour drink reminded me of concentrated cheap orange soda.

Mary Ann said...

Good for you!!! You are beautiful and I can't wait to see you and see that baby belly and touch it! Oh, I am going to touch it, so get ready!! He better kick me!!

Meg Fleshman said...

I did the glucose test in high school (not because I was pregnant) and it wasn't so bad, except that my blood pressure drops really fast when my blood is drawn so I kept passing out each time they had to take another sample! And your bit about the HSG is so funny to me because it actually was pretty painful for me! I mean it wasn't the worst pain I've ever felt, but it was enough to put me in bed for the rest of the day and I had to take tylenol-codeine. I think it varies from woman to woman honestly. I guess you're one of the lucky ones!