Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Share Friday

I am so upset that my photos are not turning out on the blog! I've tried multiple different uploads to fix the pixelated (blurry) look and it doesn't seem to be working. Be patient with me, I'll figure it out eventually!  
I came home one night feeling so good being pregnant. I love taking belly photos to document this exciting chapter in our lives.
I feel so glowy and beautiful! It helps that my husband tells me how "cute" I look!
He is the best!
This is a picture from our outing to the library fair, had to represent R's future alma mater!
We came home from the fair with a bag full of goodies. The eggplant was worthy of a Food Network feature; it was so beautiful it looked fake. There were cookies, brownies, and a red velvet cake that R and dad wolfed down.  
Dad goes down to Savannah often to visit my half brother, Len. He came back one day with a Bubba's loyalty card! Pretty funny considering dad met Bubba and didn't even know who he was (Paula Deen's brother) and has eaten at both their restaurants multiple times!
 I, however, have not and I am a huge fan!
So jealous!
Some new bookmarks are hitting the front desk at the library and I had to share this one!
A sporty phrase (no pain, no gain) turned brainy, what's not to like?!
I've been enjoying some sour candy at work, seems to keep my awake on slower evenings. Hopefully the baby's palette is enjoying all the different flavors I've been sharing. My cravings have gone down, so has the awful nausea, I'm able to make healthier food choices (besides chicken and potatoes like I craved the 1st trimester). I keep reminding myself whatever I eat, so does the baby, healthy choices like a big spinach salad with lots of veggies on days I've had fast food! 


Lisa said...

I think I would HAVE to be pregnant to crave sour candies. The best I can do is Lemonheads on occasion. Pregnant mamas always look beautiful. Remind yourself that at 9 months when you feel yucky...You are still beautiful to everyone else.

Ginger said...

That's great! I didn't eat very healthy with my first baby and I paid the price! I gained so much weight! You ARE glowing and your baby bump is very cute. :) I'm glad you are feeling better and the sickness is passing. That's always a relief when that happens! My poor mother was sick the entire 9 months with one of my sisters and after I got pregnant it made me feel so bad for her.