Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October ADHD Awareness Week! Oct. 14th- Oct. 20th

Remember last year when I blogged about ADHD Awareness? I received great feedback from readers on the information I posted! I receive daily newsletters from ADDitude magazine on the latest with ADHD and there are great forums, tips, webinars, and discussion groups on the site as well.

Not only am I an advocate for Infertility, Rheumatoid Arthritis, but also ADHD. I make it a habit to stay informed and we are always open to helping others.

Most people who read my blog are close friends and family, so I know y'all have heard before that R has ADHD. He talks about it openly at church and to those around him. We are always suprised to have people approach us about ADHD, they love hearing R's perspective on what has helped and hurt while living with ADHD. There are many of us out there, so be open and honest!  

Reasons I love my ADHD husband:

There is never a dull moment. Ever. He keeps life fun and spicy!
His humor and totally out there comments (he saves those just around family, but he is crazy funny).
His empathy towards youth. We have been subbing for a friend while she recovers from a horrible car accident. She teaches the 16 year old Sunday school class. When R starts talking to him about past bad decisions and the lessons he has learned, their eyes get big and they really listen. I don't command their attention as well as he does, the youth love him and can relate to him.
R loves the outdoors, on the weekends we are always doing something outside even it's just a walk.
Because of his ADHD, he is able to hyperfocus on a task he is really passionate about, this year he is in charge of our nursery's dresser. So far he has stripped it, sanded it, and it's being prepared for painting (I want it green, he wants to show off the real wood designs).
That leads me to his incredible creativity. R can draw, he received several awards in college for his artist abilities and we have several of his charcoals in our home.
Not only can he draw, but he also sees the puzzles in things.
Our schools' previous dean, and dad's good friend, was moving several years ago. They were trying to pack their house into a moving trailer. Dad volunteered R to help, he went there with the missionaries, unpacked the entire trailer and repacked it, fitting everything inside. His mind sees how things fit perfectly together!
He is willing to learn. I've never met anybody as open and honest as R. Sometimes the honesty hurts, but he doesn't hold back on what he's thinking. It's always for the better. The communication and oneness in our marriage is something I am proud and so grateful for, we are united team always!  

In true blogger fashion, I can't brag on all the good. This blog is real, so let's get to it!

R and I had a huge adjustment period when we were first married. We fought. A. LOT. I'm talking screaming matches, slammed doors, sleepless nights, tears, and all.
Looking back, I can laugh at how dumb and misunderstood both of us were with our situation. We worked at making our communication and marriage better. Now, it is WONDERFUL.
The best book I can suggest for those married with ADHD is The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov. I have my own copy and I have never understood R better than after reading her book. It will change your life.

ADHD has made me a more caring, selfless person. Throughout our marriage, I can see ways I can improve myself, better ways to serve, which helps me be a better neighbor, friend, and coworker. I've always been a type A personality, so his ADHD compliments my need to be organized.

Together we make a great team. And together we are better people because of ADHD.


Lisa said...

That list just described my missionary son. He was on medication when he was younger, but we decided it was better for him to learn to cope with it himself than to take drugs. He agreed. I love his energy, humor, hyper focus and persistence. I think these are great traits for a missionary.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I've been meaning to read that book. Thanks for the reminder!

Giggles said...

I'm a firm believer that everyone needs at least one ADHD friend. I kind of miss mine. Everything about life was exciting around him. His enthusiasm and generosity were contagious. I still remember the day he showed up to drive me back to my car with a giant chocolate Jesus fish for me for Easter because he couldn't believe they actually made them. He taught high school for a while, history, and the stories he'd tell of what he did in his class were incredible. He made history come alive for those students.

Stefani Leavitt said...

Your first year of marriage sounds a lot like ours was! ADHD definitely requires a lot of adjusting and it's helped me become a better person as well. Love this post and that you're raising awareness, Whit!