Monday, October 28, 2013

Now Let Me Clear My Throat

 Sit down and let me tell you a story of the girl who would not quit.
She called.
And called.
And called again.
After receiving a bill of $1,407.00 for what was a 15 min. trip to a local lab for requested blood work by her rheumatologist (whom she loves and has been seeing for close to 3 years now).
The blood work was requested after the doctor found out she was taking Lovenox shots for a blood clotting disorder, which wasn't proven on any blood work, just stated by as a possibility by a previous doctor.
When the bill came, $1,407.00, because
"insurance doesn't cover anything related to infertility".
She was 10 weeks pregnant at the time of the blood draw.
A fit was pitched.
A hissy fit was had.

She was fit to be tied!

Mad as a hornet!  
After a phone call to the lab and doctor's nurse she was told all was fine and taken care of...
Then the bill came again as "overdue".
Lord Have Mercy!!!!
She called.
And called.
And called again.
This time it was resolved. Over 6 weeks later a new bill was sent...
$23.43 was all she owed.
Am I bragging?!
YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sidenote: For those of you dealing with infertility bills and the miles of long distance travel since most of us don't have a specialist close to home, be sure to save and track all mileage and keep all bills paid for a tax deduction!!! We received money back last year because of all our travel and bills!


Giggles said...

Health insurance kerfluffles are a pain in the multiple body parts!

I was covered under two insurances through last August, which you'd think would be great. But it just doubled the paper work that could get screwed up.

Then this June (which happened to be the month our baby was born), our insurance decided they were my secondary insurance again for some unknown reason. It's taken us three months to sort that out and telling the insurance twice that they are my only insurance.

Good for you and your phone calls!!

Lisa said...

That is such a blessing! Good thing you made those calls!

Carla said...

insurance is just the worst. such a scam. I hate the constant calling and harassing it takes to get anything right.

J. said...

Persistence is good. You'll be needing it in spades for the next few years.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you stood your ground!

Lesa said...

Worth the hassle, for sure!

Jenny Strickland said...

I just found your blog through Stirrup Queens! I look forward to reading your blog!