Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Luke Bryan Farm Tour

R called a month ago from campus and asked if I wanted to go to a Luke Bryan concert. Ummm, yes please! R is a big fan of Luke and so am I. I listen to a little bit of everything and used to go to concerts often when I lived in Utah.
I added the concert to our calendar and didn't think much of it until October.  
The day of the concert, I worked the morning shift so that I could still get some hours in. I left around 1PM and drove to Athens. R has classes M-F, but Thursday is one of his lighter days. The tickets said 2PM parking, 5PM gates open, 7PM concert. The farm was 30 minutes from our apartment, so we left at 3:45.
We ended up sitting in traffic for 2 hours 45 minutes. The road to the farm where the concert was held was a two lane, our lane was backed up almost to the exit. We watched drunk college kids and what looked to be underage drinkers running off into the woods to "relieve themselves". Several girls at one point didn't bother to go off into the woods and I told R to turn his head.
So trashy!
I was taught better!
We finally hit the 3 mile dirt road to drive into the farm, traffic was bumper to bumper. When we finally saw the fields for parking, we realized there were two separate places.
One for tailgaters (the 2PMers)to listen from far off to the concert and another for those attending.
There were hundreds or cars lined up in a field and even more women lined up for the bathroom.  
We saw an event employee and asked when the concert would be over, we didn't want to get stuck in more traffic on our way out. He said 10PM. This was not accurate, Luke Bryan didn't hit the stage till 9:45PM by that time we were both ready to hit the sack! 
R leaned over at one point and said "I feel so old saying this, but I am tired!"  
Once we parked, we walked up to the gates (took the above pic, R didn't want one with ol' Luke). I am 20 weeks pregnant above, the halfway mark to finally having this baby join our family! We set out to find a nice spot for our chairs and blanket. Cameras weren't allowed so the few pics I have are from my iTouch.
While at the concert we counted 6 people throwing up in the field (so glad I wore tennis shoes), one even before the music started, and 5 fell down. Being drunk in a field is not the best for walking. We saw more bums hanging out of shorts, cowboy boots, and shirtless men than I care to remember.
The crowd was asked several times if they had a beer!!
R and I had lemonade and pork rinds!!  
We had a great time people watching and laughing at out of control college kids. We felt like the older group sitting with the 30 year olds with kids, but we made the best of it.
Picture one of those high school get togethers where everybody drives their big trucks out to a field and has a bon fire. Now multiple that by 5,000 and that's what we were dealing with, cars and people everywhere in a field with fried food smells and alcohol in the air.
We left the concert when we saw the line of cars heading out for the gates, we listened to the end of the music from our car and watched one more kid throw up in the parking lot. I have a feeling there were a lot of kids waking up Friday morning sick as dogs.
Afterwards I looked at R and said, "I love Luke Bryan's music, but not enough to ever do that again".
I think Luke has gotten too popular to hold concerts in fields, he is destined for the big arenas in Atlanta, but I respect the outdoor vision he had for his fans.
Just country boys and girls gettin down on the farm!
We had a wonderful time as two sober adults laughing at the chaos around us!  


J. said...

It's amazing how much more fun you can have being sober. :).

JJ said...

I appreciate that Luke is trying to give back to the small towns, and the people who often can't get to his bigger shows. However, this sounds awful. I couldn't imagine being around all those drunk, throwing up all over hoodlums.

Your bump next to Luke looks super cute though.

Lisa said...

Oh my sounds fun, yet such a mess! I think I am too old for that kind of concert, too. Although, I just bought Imagine Dragons tickets to please my 15 year old daughter. But, that's in an arena.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Well, it wasn't exactly the good, "clean", fun you were looking for but it sounds like you and Richard made the most of the experience.

Erika said...

Yikes, that sounds like a hot mess!!! Glad you escaped relatively unscathed!!