Thursday, October 17, 2013

First Nursery Purchase

Here it is y'all! Here it is!
The first official nursery purchase.
This chair reclines and is the perfect place for late nights with baby and having a place to quickly catch some shut eye!
Everything else has basically been donated by family or bought at Goodwill for upcycling.
Lots of fun projects coming your way as we get this nursery ready for our baby boy!
Simplicity is what I'm going for, more room for walking and bouncing our baby boy!

I am having so much fun saying that, "Our baby boy!"
All colors swatches are based on this chair so deep navy blue, green, yellow, and a lighter blue are the nursery colors. I've already picked out photos to have up that have blue or green featured in them and a friend is putting together a cute wall piece for me.

It's slowly coming together, but this purchase made everything official! That and finding out it's a baby boy last week! We've had fun playing out stories of what he will look like, how he will act/behave, and what sports to teach him.

Also, just want to say thank you to those who wrote to me about ADHD yesterday. It always makes R feel great to hear happy stories of ADHD. It has a bad reputation as many of you know, and more positivity needs to be shared.
So thank you, thank you so much for your comments and e-mails.


Erin Elizabeth said...

Love that cute chair! I'll get to work on the craft project for the nursery--a Hobby Lobby visit is in our future

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! I am in love with that chair. Good pick! I love that it reclines, but doesn't look like a heavy recliner. Perfect!

J. said...

Very cute. We had a swap meet today and packed up tons of baby boy clothes at the end of it that we loaded off for charity. It made me sick to see such cute clothes untouched. I guess most people had girls because the girls section was picked pretty clean. I wish I could have sent you the big box we packed up.

Giggles said...

What a fun chair!

Monica Lynn said...

Oh my goodiness that is so stylin! I love it! I refused to get a glider because they are so not cute, but now I wish I had gotten a squishy chair for all those late night snuggles (and screaming fits, but we'll go with snuggles until your Baby Boy Handsomeness is born!)