Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall TV

While in college, I rarely watched TV. Now that I've been in the work force for over 3 years, it's almost a requirement in office relationships to be up to date on all the newest shows. It gives us all something to talk about and I've been anxiously awaiting these series premieres!
These are shows I watch:
Every year Shonda Rhimes teases us that "this will be the last season of Grey's". Yea right woman, keep bringing on the hospital drama!
Law and Order:SVU had a crazy season ending last year. The first episode was disturbing, I watched it through my pillow.
Mom and I are fans of Modern Family. We love laughing at the crazy family dynamics and feel good moments. The writers are pushing the limits with humor this season!
Downton Abbey is showing in England, but premieres in the U.S. in January. I still count it as a fall show and one I am obsessed with, o wow! I'm saving it for late nights with a nursing baby in February! I'll have to avoid social media spoilers.

Shows R and I watch together on weekends:
R is a huge Andy Samberg fan. He is so funny in this new show. We love that it's a funny take on police investigative work!
Of course we had to have a show on this list that involves gorgeous model actors. R and I started watching Vampire Diaries a while back when a friend from church recommended it. Two of my close friends watch it with their husbands, so funny how men change their tastes when they get married! It's like they can finally relax and enjoy girlie shows without judgement from their guy friends!  
This is a show a friend recommended earlier this year. R and I have grown to love Tim Allen all over again. It's similar to Home Improvement, except in this show he has 3 daughters and owns a outdoors man store in Colorado. He's a big Republican with a liberal daughter and the show is hysterical!
Are you watching Scandal? Do you like political dramas based in D.C.? Do you love pubic relations and media spin?
If so, this is the show for you. be. Olivia Pope.
I never could be though, she is far too smart and witty!
New Girl is one of our favorite shows, we have watched past seasons over and over again on Netflix and quote it in our every day life. I have always been a Zooey Deschanel fan, she is quirky, girlie, and hilarious in this show!

What are y'all watching this fall?
Always remember to make time to read a book during all your TV viewings!


J. said...

Hmmm. I recognize Downton Abbey. I've been out of the TV scene for a while I guess. I like the History channel mostly and Face Off--new season--woowhoo

Carla said...

i'm terrible at keeping up with shows now that I have kids... I have to power watch a season in like a week and get nothing else done, but that being said I do make time for modern family! LOVE that show! Seriously makes me laugh.

And me and the husband started watching Once upon a Time this summer (when we babysat a couple teenagers for a few weeks and they got us hooked). It's light and a fun twist on all the common fairytales.

Oh and scandal is totally on my list of shows to get into... I could definitely see myself liking that one.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I'm watching some of the same as you and I've added two new shows to the mix--Sean Saves the World and the Michael J. Fox show. Oh, and I can't forget American Horror Story! It starts tonight.

Lisa said...

I had never watched Downton Abbey until I was down with my back thing. I watched all three season and can't wait for January. However, I don't watch too much else...some shows on Netflix from time to time....

Madtatter80 said...

Love Downton Abby such fun can't wait! and some how my evenings get filled up with other stuff. And now that I have no girls at home I get out numbered when a vote is taken. So I watch Duck Dynasty or formula one racing :). sounds like you got a good variety of shows.

Mom said...

me too lisa! had a wreck and watched all of it and the office.... i like any shows without all the commercials blaring!