Monday, October 7, 2013

Crooked Pines Pumpkin Festival

A couple years ago a friend from church asked R if he would like to help her husband out with selling Christmas trees. We never knew by saying yes, he would develop relationships and memories for years to come. R has since worked for Crooked Pines Farm for Easter events, Christmas tree sales (the whole month of December), and now for their pumpkin festival!

The farm rests on several hundred acres in Eatonton, GA and has been featured in Southern Living magazine. They have a great looking website and recently built a beautiful barn for weddings and other events.

He loves working on the farm and was so excited this weekend to head out there. Anybody who knows us, knows that I am a morning person, I wake up perky. R...not so much. But when Saturday came he was happy and excited to head to the farm!

My aunt was down visiting this past weekend. We had a nice get together with family at Longhorn's Friday night, Saturday afternoon we headed out to the farm to visit R. Once there, I looked around at the beautiful scenery and pumpkins and realized. I FORGOT MY CAMERA.

As you other bloggers can understand this was a huge deal!! My aunt was kind enough to take a couple shots, but I'm pretty disappointed I wasn't able to get some nice shots for fall!

R worked so hard this weekend, but didn't come home smelling like sweet Christmas trees like he usually does! He came home with several fun stories like moving the pony's pole with no help, eating good BBQ, creating a place to hold the pumpkins for customers so they didn't have to carry them around, and selling over 10 pumpkins to one customer. The owner of the farm commented to us that R was a great salesman. He loves R!
They had some delicious pumpkin cake pops! Isn't their logo adorable? I absolutely love it! Their name came from crooked pines that look similar to the photo that grew on their land.
A field of pumpkins
R in sales mode!
When R came home on Saturday he turned on the Georgia/Tennessee game. Did y'all watch?! WOW, what a game! We went into overtime and won by a field goal, amazing! I'm pretty sure some prayers were whispered in the living room from this Georgia senior. The baby was kicking around like crazy during the game.
I'm a little worried our baby will come out in February yelling GO DAWGS!
Did y'all watch General Conference? As always, there were messages meant just for me. I plan on sharing several on the blog over the next few months, I never fail to feel the love of the Lord and the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ when I watch conference.


Lisa said...

Would you believe I still love going to the pumpkin patch? At my age! it. I thoroughly enjoyed General Conference. Every message had something I could take note one. I wish we had GC more than twice a year. At least we get the Christmas Devotional in a couple of months!

J. said...

Makes me hungry for pumpkin pie. If you're baby's first "word" is "Go Dawgs" you'll know why. ;)

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Just think next year, you'll have a beautiful little baby at the pumpkin patch. Yay!