Thursday, October 10, 2013

20w5d Appointment

Our baby looked beautiful! The tech at our doctor's office only works on Wednesdays. R has a full load of classes and hour and a half away at UGA. R hasn't been to an ultrasound yet for that exact reason. Since my work is here, my doctor and hospital have to be here. We hope to get the 3D ultrasound done when it's closer to baby's birthday. I've been filming appointments for him to see all the good happenings!

The tech is very sweet and attentive. What a fun career! Since it was the anatomy scan, I saw all of our baby, inside and out. It was beautiful, gorgeous, a little miracle on screen.

a perfectly round head
with cheeks for me to snuggle
eye sockets
where beautiful eyes will show our baby the world
bent arms, one snuggled by its side  
hands with tiny fingers
slapping around inside my belly
long legs
for running in the near future
toes and feet
a place for many kisses to land
a round belly
getting ready for tummy time soon
a long, strong spine
the framework for our growing baby
a beautiful heartbeat at 150
a heart that will be loved and cherished by two loving, excited parents

The baby was hiding from the tech a lot, she said it was pressed up further into my pelvic area. I've had some serious bad pain this week, apparently the baby enjoys being tucked away. So it's possible we have a super snuggly baby on our hands!

Like my grandmother, who hides every time a camera is pulled out, our baby hid from the tech during the ultrasound. She had to tap my belly several times to get certain angles and shots, the tech was so sweet and soothing trying to get the baby to show. I guess it is in the genes!

I had her write the gender on the photo and place it in a sealed envelope. She had me turn my head when we did that part of the ultrasound. I'm currently at a library conference, so I won't be able to see hubs till Friday. We will celebrate and start our registry for all things baby this weekend!!!!

So tell me your guesses in the comment section!!!!
Momma's Boy?
Daddy's Girl?


Mom said...

How sweet! I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief! Haven't seen you since conference on Sunday! I miss you and your little growing one... It's funny how two people who live in the same house don't see each other, huh? I know you two are going to be wonderful fun parents!!

J. said...

Hmmm. My son liked to hide from the ultrasound tech too, so I'll say bowtie. :).

Lisa said...

I'm thinking your having a girl. So, bows all the way. :)

Jenn and Daniel said...

I think it's a girl! Can't wait for you two find out :)

Ginger said...

Boys and bowties! :) I can't wait to hear!

Giggles said...

Isn't it amazing to have a whole tiny person inside of you? One that already has personality? I love it.

Madtatter80 said...

I guessing a daddy's girl, but a happy baby is the best! What a fun thing to do with the envelope, such a good idea!

Carla said...

Bows. Definitely bows.

Jonna Pantelis said...

BOWS! I'm thinkin' pink!

Jill said...

You know that "baby" is all I care about. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!