Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This post is more for me than y'all, but read on if you'd like.

R and I found out we were having a baby (I hate the p-word) over Father's day weekend. It was on a Friday and we were up in Athens. I like to say it was a surprise because we were past the point of anticipating a positive test after 3 years. But, I was late by a day (which I've been before) and thought why not!
I had some dollar tests, because that's what one does at our stage, stock up on cheapo tests!

When it said positive we didn't believe it, so we went to the CVS to get a real test.
And there it was again.
I cried, not a happy a cry. I cried a "I am scared, what are we going to do, oh wow I can't be excited because I am too terrified" type of cry.

R was excited, of course, but we both knew we couldn't tell anyone. We went through this before telling too many people all at once, too early, and knew we didn't want to go through that again. So we decided to only tell my parents and put them on lock down!!

For Father's day we told my dad, he didn't believe us at first, so we had mom confirm.

Since that glorious day I have these weird pregnancy moments:

  • Eaten my weight in potatoes, mashed, baked, and french fried.
  • Bananas taste like dirt
  • The harmonizing in the Pitch Perfect soundtrack makes me cry in my car, so I turn it off 
  • I sob at the end of Animal Planet's Too Cute
  • I was still working the evening shift when I was first pregnant so I would wake up around 8, have breakfast, then go back to sleep till 11:30. Something I never ever do.
  • I stopped going to the gym, I work out hard, and get competitive while there, so it isn't a good place for a newly pregnant lady.
  • I stopped reading books the first 2 months. Blame it on nausea or hormones. I lost all interest in reading. I read online that pregnant women can completely stop things they love, blame it on hormones.
  • I wrote on the blog that I had new and fun things coming and then found out I was pregnant. So my new, fun ideas are taking a break for now.
  • I have a hard time when people tell me congratulations. I just think, is this really happening to me?! It is finally my turn?! I want to protect myself and the baby, even though they have the best of intentions, I completely realize it is my mental problem. And those people can't be held at fault for not knowing every tear and every painful doctor's visit to get to this point. Unless they have been through it, they just can't understand that we are more excited than they can ever say. There are no words. That I will literally break out into tears or song (depending on the mood) if they try and tell me how beautiful and loved my baby will be. I will lose it people, totally lose it!
  • I get the giggles, I'm talking full on, can't stop giggles. My eyes water, my belly jiggles, and I can't stop. I feel manic, but apparently it is also a sign of pregnancy! So forgive me if I break out into laughter over things I can't explain!
  • My spelling and grammar have taken a turn for the worse. I've had many typos, misspellings, bad punctuation, etc. Blame it on pregnancy brain.
  • Walking into the grocery store made me sick.
  • I have pregnancy rage, little things can turn me into the Incredible Hulk.

All these wonderful items listed just confirm to me that there is a tiny human growing! Now please excuse me while I go have some fries for lunch and cry to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack.
Kidding, only kidding!!
A little.....


Erin Elizabeth said...

Why does the Pitch Perfect soundtrack make you cry? That movie is funny--it should make you smile. More pregnancy weirdness?

J. said...

It's incredible how much it messes up your emotions. I cried at the dumbest commercials--car commercials, soap commercials, tuna, you name it. It's a fun and weird journey all at once.

Lesa said...

Congrats!! I am excited for you!