Monday, September 23, 2013

The Final Happiness Challenge

I don't know how we got here so quickly, but this is the final post for the Happiness Challenge. I want to thank, Domestic Artistry, for giving me the idea and for posting some amazing happiness challenge posts over the weeks. She is a lovely girl with an uplifting blog, check her out sometime soon!
As I wrote weekly about these challenges, I found myself pondering each quote. I wondered how I could apply it to my life and then help readers do the same. We all know that for us to be able to help another, we must already be a pro.
I think we all know I am not a pro at this, but I gave it my best shot!
This last quote from Elder Anderson is a great one to end the challenge. I have had several trials of my faith. I've walked into the dark to find the light. I've questioned the Lord's existence. I have not wanted to pray for a lack of feeling close to the Lord. Sometimes, no matter how faithful we are, we still can feel cut off from the Lord during the worst of trials.
It is not so, He is always there.
I'll wrap this up with  a personal story.
When R and I first started out journey with infertility, we were naive to what all could go wrong. As the months passed, doctor's appointments came and went, surgeries were booked, we started to feel hopeless. We felt cut off from our faith and from those around us. So many could not understand how it felt, how hopeless we were. Infertility is like a wound that can't seem to heal, moments when we felt strong and like the scab was turning to a scar, someone, some thing, some moment would rip us apart all over again.
I remember going to the temple with R and praying for an answer to what we were supposed to do. There I was sitting in a beautifully white room, surrounded by beauty and peacefulness and I didn't receive an answer.
Should we start IVF?
Should we see another doctor?
Should we ask for Clomid and IUI?
Should we adopt?
Where will we get the money?
Are kids even worth it?
Now, looking back I like to think of our situation like this.
Heavenly Father heard our prayers, He saw our tears, He felt our pain. Just like a new mother who has to see her children beg for candy that will hurt their teeth, she knows what is best for them and has to patiently wait for them to realize it is for their own good.
That there is a better plan afoot, if we could just wait a little longer.
And so we have, we have endured the trial of our faith. At least the most recent one, if I have learned anything in this life it's that the trials will always be there, always.
It's our attitude in how we handle them that allows us to blossom into the people we were always meant to become.


Madtatter80 said...

very nice post! good read!

J. said...

Glad you can look back on this now. Love the quote.

Giggles said...

I thought that quote looked familiar. So I pulled out my notes from that General Conference, and yup, that was one of the talks I marked that was just for me. Last October Conference it felt like we were holding on to our last bit of faith and hope. We have certainly been transformed and strengthened.