Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Share Friday

This past weekend we cleaned out three rooms in my mom's house. We went through everything in the kitchen, wash room, and office. We had several boxes for Goodwill and filled up half the trashcan.
After all that hard work, we were starving so I made blackened chicken tacos. We had left over corn avocado salsa, the combo was delicious!
R cut up potatoes and I fried up homemade steak fries, they were delicious. I know fries and tacos are weird together, but we had to use them up before they went bad.
This picture is of R's plate, he knows how to make a plate full of food like nobody else!
This weekend I took several long naps. I'm talkin' 3 hour long naps, full dreams, I was gone.
One night I had a hard time falling asleep so we put in The Princess Bride, one of our all time favorite movies.
R could tell it better, but something comes over me when a movie is put in, the lights are off, and I have a blanket over me. I can fall asleep within the first 15 minutes, so weird.
And I did, but woke up a couple times during some good parts.
Let the belly photos begin!
Photo was taken at 15w3d
I already have a rather large back end, so things are getting really curvy around here.
My precious, adorable, new favorite jewelry piece arrived from Veryjane this week.
It's a pocket watch.
I love it.
 This sweet girl has been undergoing extensive training to prepare to be a big sister. She is going to be a great dog for a child to play with and to be really mushy, I think she's been hoping for a little baby for a while now. Whenever she plays with my cousin's babies she gets awfully sad when they leave.

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J. said...

Oh what fun and that food looks good. Glad I ate already or I'd be sopping up the keyboard.