Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have to Do This

Look. I didn't want to go here. I was trying to avoid blogging about this. I felt like it would be too much, that I would seem overly dramatic and sensitive.

But then I checked my e-mail and received this quote for today from

"Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy."

Shel Silverstein

And it was just a sign. It's time for me to talk about my love/hate relationship with

The Giving Tree

I was reading to my little nephew a year or so ago. I love reading stories to little ones, adding voices, and making them point to things on the pages.

My momma taught me at a young age, "books are our friends".

I saw the green, shiny cover of The Giving Tree on his shelf and thought, this is a great book, I remember it when I was little. Who doesn't love it?!

As I started to read, I realized this story is horrible, heart breaking, and cruel. Right there in the little guy's bed as we turned the last few pages and the tree went from a lovely tree to a stump, my eyes filled with tears.

He used her up, absolutely everything she had she gave to that little boy. Now some may say, "Whitney, it's just a tree".
No. It's really not. For those of us who have been raised around trees surrounding our homes, school campuses, and witness the towering canopies of their shade during long hikes. We know trees and we cherish them.

I'm telling y'all, the book stirs up emotions in me that I can't even put into words, raw emotions.

We've all been around those who take, take, and take. They will use everything up and spit it out, showing no appreciation.

We've also seen those who give, give, and give with no need for a thank you or a return on their investment. They just love to give.

I see times in my life where I have been the taker and the giver. As I read it with my nephew I cried for the tree and her love for the little boy, I then thought what a selfish, awful boy to take so much! I was angry at the kid.

Seriously, lots of emotions.

But now as I sit here with a growing belly. Imagining the little life we will bring into the world, I relate more to the tree. I harness no bad feelings towards the boy, he was just a boy after all.

She gave because she loved him with every leaf, root, bark, and fiber of her being. She gave it all, that real kind of love that knows no limits. She gave it all for one simple thing.

So he could be happy.