Monday, September 9, 2013

Happiness Challenge

Y'all will have to forgive me for being so late with this week's Happiness Challenge. I started back my evening shift at work and it's going to be an adjustment for a couple weeks.
Nothing I can't handle!
I would say R and I were rather persistent in our pursuit of becoming parents. I wouldn't say we were always patient, but we were definitely persistent.
We were told many different things by doctors, one of them being our only chance was IVF, that most couples "like us" back in the day would have to adopt. When we took that medical advice to the Lord, He was the one to say get a second opinion. Nothing ever felt right to me during those types of appointments.
I've had many friends who have gone that route and they felt it was the right thing for their family, they've been blessed. But the Lord had a different path for us. Through faith and persistence, we have finally been given what was promised. 
I'd say R and I are persistent in furthering our education. I love the story my mom tells of my grandfather encouraging her during her college years at Auburn. He told her to cherish college, that she would learn more about life from her college experiences, combined with a degree would make her into a more well rounded individual.
My grandfather was kicked out of his house at 16, joined the Air Force, put himself through college, the height of his career was spent working in the Pentagon, so yea he knew something about persistence.
Looking back at my time at BYU, I can say college shaped my outlook on the world. R and I are lucky to live in two college towns, UGA and GCSU where furthering our education will be a simple, next step!!
We are presistent in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although not perfect at it, we mess up every day, but we are persistent in overcoming those setbacks. My biggest sin is beating myself up for past mistakes, not doing more, not praying more. I'm my own worst enemy.
I have a husband who at least once a day tells me how beautiful I am, that means the world to me. Especially on days when I feel like a cow. He is persistent in showing how crazy he is about me and all the love he has, he's going to be a great daddy!

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J. said...

What lucky woman you are :).