Monday, September 16, 2013

Happiness Challenge

Have mercy on me, please no judgements here.
I had to search meekness to make sure I had the full meaning of this term before writing a full post about exercising meekness. It's a term used often in our church, but one that has it's own deeper meaning.
Some definitions that came up:
Enduring injury with patience and without resentment
Docile under provocation from others
I've had my ups and downs with meekness over the years. When I was younger I was ready to fight over anything and everything.
Not physically of course, I was too pretty for that!
But I had a mouth on me.
As the years went by, my passions went into other areas of my life. My mom often told me "people like that aren't worth it," in other words it can be exhausting trying to argue with somebody who tries to belittle or provoke.
That's their issue, not mine.
I've learned more recently to be more vocal about setting up boundaries. Giving myself the control of what I allow into my life. 
Listen to me, come real close.
We can say no!
It's a real word!
Say it with me, won't you?!
It is ok to not want to be provoked, who wants to get fired up all the time over silly things?
Nobody has the time or the energy.
Remove yourself from the room.
Be in a place, physically,emotionally, and mentally, that allows you to be who you want to become.
With these definitions of meekness that I searched, a huge word came up.
We must be able to withstand harsh criticism to see where we may need to improve in our lives. We can become educated on our own faults, places that need improvement, as long as we choose not to be offended. 
Become teachable, that is my Happiness Challenge for this week.


J. said...

This is a good trait to develop now. You'll be saying "no" a lot in a year or two :).

Giggles said...

Learning to say no is one of the hardest lessons to learn it seems.

Frequently when we part my husband and I tell each other to, "Be good and learn something." Then we have to report back on what we learned when we meet up again. Being teachable is such a wonderful trait to develop