Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Share Friday

Now that our news is out, I can post some pictures I've kept in hiding!
This is the day I "graduated" from our fertility specialist's care. She was wonderful, we only met with her 2 times before she was doing ultrasounds checking on the teeny tiny baby.
I plan on writing a post about this crazy journey very soon.
We know "that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good." D&C122:7
My graduation gift included tons of baby magazines, a little lamb, a nice bag, coffee mugs (for hot cocoa), a photo album, and coupons! Tons of goodies!
Because of a previous workup with a perinatal consultant, I was told if I ever got pregnant, I would need to take daily Lovenox shots (blood thinners) during the first trimester, and possibly the entire pregnancy.
These guys HURT.
I was working the evening shift and every night I would come home around 9:15 PM, lay down with a snack nearby and my prenatal pill and give myself the shot. They made me light headed and some days they stung very badly, other days not so much.
One day while mom and I were out shopping for swimsuits together she saw my stomach and said,
 "Whit! Where did that bruise come from?!"
I said, "Mommmmmmm, my shots!!!"
We had a good laugh about it.
I gave myself a total of 52 shots.
After my 13 week checkup with Dr. B's office, he told me I could stop the shots and there was no need for me to see a high risk specialist.
I'm hoping the same holds true for my 17 week check up coming in September.
Yes, I was hiding my belly in those pictures at the beach! R took this headless shot of me out on the balcony. I'm 12 weeks here, with shorts that are already too tight on my tummy!
So random and in no way related to baby news, but this is on my Instagram for today, so I had to post it. I'm finishing this book up and had to plug it on the blog.
Is it life changing?
Of course not, but it's a fun read.
If y'all are a fan of the show, which R and I definitely are, check out this book. Written by Willie and Korie Robertson, they share some personal family stories, lots of recipes (had no idea Willie was the cook of the family), good hearted humor, their faith with scriptures throughout the text, and how their family sticks together.
I just love them!
I'm 15 weeks today!!!!!
Quick thing you should know, I won't be complaining about my symptoms, ever. EVER.
Yes, even when things get really scary. 
 I will share them with y'all because people often ask "how are you feeling". I won't be complaining because I am so grateful to have this experience.
So here's the update on how I'm feeling:
My nausea has almost completely gone away. I was an evening "morning sickness" person, it started every day while at work at 4:30 PM and lasted till I fell asleep (that term was created by a male doctor who had no idea that you can feel sick all day, any time of day).
I've been working 8-5 this month while college session is out, so my mid morning naps don't exist anymore. I have energy in the morning, but so exhausted by the time I get home.
I've been walking for an hour after work with a friend, every day I feel too tired to go, but she's encouraging and I always feel so much better when we finish.
I've had horrible headaches! 
I've been feeling flutters in my stomach!
I'm feeling more sleepy now more than in the 1st trimester and went to bed last night at 7PM. After reading (yes another good thriller), I told R I was going to lay down for a little while and didn't wake up till 6 AM this morning! Oops!!
Hope y'all have a fun this Labor Day Weekend!!!!!


Madtatter80 said...

How exciting you look great! Some times at this tummy size people suggest turning pants around and were them backwards It works! It's a help when the maternity pants are still too big.

J. said...

"Morning" sickness is no fun. Fortunately, mine went away after the first trimester. I hope yours subsides soon. What fun :).

Boswell0617 said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting!

Giggles said...

Now that's a graduation gift!!

I never complained either, but I definitely commented a lot. :)