Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Share Friday

This past week I was home alone, mom had a conference in Athens. R and mom had a great week together shopping and eating out! 
After work, I locked all the doors and settled down with the dogs and a great thriller, I couldn't stop reading this one!
Reconstructing Amelia is McCreight's debut novel and she did not disappoint. Those who enjoy Gillian Flynn's book will see a similarity between the two authors, although I would add that McCreight is not as dark and her novel had less bad language than the insane Gone Girl.
Reconstructing Amelia is about a single mom's daughter committing suicide, other events take place including her daughter joining a club and being bullied that lead her mother to investigate further into her death.
Very good read!  
I found this bookmark in one of my other books and realized I never shared a photo of this little guy. We are constantly trying to find new, fun ways to market to our students. R was asked to draw up a bulldog for the bookmark and drew a real life size looking bulldog head.
It was awesome!
But, with these purposes we wanted something more silly and cartoonish. R created this guy with the bone and book, our reference librarian was very excited!
I wish he would draw more, he is so very talented.
Now every time a new student comes in for orientation or a new prep schooler they get to take home one of these!
R called from campus a couple weeks ago asking if I wanted to see Luke Bryan in October.
I've been trying to see this guy in concert for a while now. I feel silly even saying that because before he made it big, Luke Bryan played in a club here in Milledgeville several times a year and all my friends from college would rave about him, in fact one of my best friend's has several pictures with him!
We are going to see him in Stephens, GA for his farm tour. I didn't put two and two together, but he is playing at farms across Georgia and the U.S., hence "farm tour".
I love it!
My friend kept talking about this show she loved. I would make fun of her about it, because it was on ABC Family, teeny bopper network.
Then she told me that they speak ASL on the show, Switched at Birth and I knew I had to start watching. My mom loves the show too, she did sign language for years as a special ed teacher. I'm well into the 2nd season now and I'm remembering a lot from my BYU classes, I wanted to minor in ASL, but BYU doesn't have a program for it, so weird since they have so many languages on campus!
We have some major plans for this weekend,hoping for beautiful weather, y'all have a great weekend!

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Madtatter80 said...

I like the picture of your Eyes reading this thriller very funny!