Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Me Being Me and Trying to Stay That Way.

I have an odd personality. I'm not sure how to describe myself, but I'll try. I can be very outgoing, sassy, fun, loud, talkative, opinionated, and funny.

Then there is this side of me that is a shy, introvert, an old soul. I don't want to share, I want to keep private things to myself, and I worry way too much about what others think (thank goodness I married R who doesn't care what anybody thinks). 

I even feel sometimes that I don't fit in with my own age group.  

As the world of blogging has taken off, with giveaways and a lot of shameless self promotion,

I have felt excluded from this extroverted group at times.

Or are y'all introverts too and that's why we all enjoy blogging so much?!

I have friends who started Facebook pages for their blogs. They have Twitter feeds, Vine videos, and host group web chats.  They host giveaways and publicly display their children and share deeply personal stories. They just put it all out there, leaving nothing!

The fun part of me wants to do that, the shy side absolutely does not and is terrified of a judgemental world.

Now that almost everybody is using some form of social media, people don't always know how to correctly use it. I've seen many things posted publicly on Facebook, that were not intentional, but users are not educated on their programs enough to know what they are doing. Feelings get hurt and they get hurt fast! Technology is changing quickly, those who don't read up on it or use it daily could be left behind.

Blogging makes me step out of my comfort zone... often.

When I'm so caught up in what others might say, it's a lot harder to put myself out there. Y'all have said the nicest things about Sunny, Milo, R, and I. In fact I don't know if I've ever had a negative comment, I guess those people have kept those to themselves while rolling their eyes during my posts!

Thank you.

I have many amazing things to share in this blogging world.
Book reviews, Pinterest recipe reviews, thoughts on faith and trials, family stories, and vacations.

I have amazing things I could create too!
Photography, fun ecards, inspiring graphic quotes, and other things I just can't think of right now...  

Have I shared as much as my shy side will allow?

Is there more I could do to really get this blog hip with the times (please say you laughed at that)???
Yep, I just have to muster up the courage!!


Ginger said...

We have so much in common! I tried the facebook page for my Writer blog, but have taken it off... I don't post links to that blog or my family blog on facebook, but I do share links to my daughter's mission blog because she asked me to for her friends. I do share my printables on pinterest, but that's as far out there as I can get.

I don't mind if people read my blogs if they find them on their own, but I just can't get used to promoting them myself. I blog for me... not for anyone else. And that's good enough for me. :)

heather said...

I've been an active blogger for 6 years now. In those 6 years, I've only ever had one or two comments that could be considered negative -and none that really stand out as being so. Blogging is great for personal growth and I think you'll find that with blogging you go through cycles. Your reasons for blogging change then change again and again. It's been really, really good for me.

Erin Elizabeth said...

blogging can be great fun but I too am guarded. It's not a bad thing. Everyone over-shares in today's society. It's nice to keep some things to yourself and be selective in what you share. That way when you do share something people sit up and listen.

fakingpictureperfect said...

Well, for me, I wanted to be more honest in my blogging, and it has backfired. It has made me really analyze how and what I share, and whether or not it is serving a higher purpose other than to just feed my ego. :) I have also learned though to be confident in who I am despite what others say. Because I have had some negative comments about my blogging by people I know personally!! That was the hardest. Some of these people were members of my husband's family. So, my advice would be to do what you feel comfortable with, but also try to stretch out of your comfort zone a bit. It may give you more confidence than you realize. It might be a hard growing process, but growing is always a good thing! :) -Meredith

Giggles said...

Total introvert here. I blog for me (and my mom). So I don't do the big give-aways and stuff because while it makes me happy when others read my blog, I do it for me. I do have a twitter feed for my blog, but that's because a friend said that's the only way she'd follow it. I think the fact that I have almost as many private blogs as I do public ones says something too. :)