Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'll Try and Wrap This Awesomeness Up

I'm going to attempt to blog one post about our beach trip, I hope to include all the fun we had without rubbing it in y'alls faces, because yes, we always have a great time on vacation!!

First off, I have to brag on my husband for completing 13 hours of coursework this summer. That is twice what a regular student does, if and when they decide to attend in the summer. Even his advisor warned him not to take so many classes, but guess what he did and in every class he made a 3.0! I could not be more excited and proud of him right now! Yesterday he started his final semester of classes among the thousands of giggly doe eyed freshman.

Now, back to our vacation!
If y'all ever get the chance to drive from Georgia down I-75 S, take the exit for GA HWY 300 and from there I suggest you stop by Stripling's General Store and Salt-Lick Sausage Company  in Cordele, GA.
They are both less than a mile from each other, one is on the right side of the road so you can hit it up on the way down, the other is on the left side so you can stop by on your way up!
In my humble opinion, Salt Lick had the best boiled peanuts and Stripling's had the best jerky I have ever tasted, ever, no lie. Sweet mercy it was good!
I wish we bought more and I'm hoping my dad will bring me some when he drives up in the next couple of weeks!  
The Salt-Lick used to be called Whitney's, so we always stopped there on our way to the beach. I'm sure my parents know more history about the store than I do, but I've been using their bathroom and watching my dad drive while cracking open peanuts on our way to my grandmother's since I was a little one!
To be honest, I didn't take many pictures. Something happened to me while I was there laying in the sand, listening to the ocean waves.
I flat out didn't think about anything!
I did read my book and play in the water with R, but that was the limit on any brain function.
We took these pictures out on the balcony before meeting with dad for dinner.
Wet hair, wind blowing, no cares in the world!
One of dad and R's favorite places on the beach isn't a seafood restaurant.
Oh, no.
It's a donut shop.
R drove down to Thomas' Donuts at least 3 times while we were there bringing back homemade, fresh gooey donuts.
I would really like to try the food there, but whenever we go it is all about donuts. I've heard their lunch menu is really good though!
This is the type of place we want to submit for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!
We watched Shark Week on Discovery Channel in the evenings and swam in the ocean during the day. It made for some fun and scary times.
Did anybody watch the "fake" documentary about Megalodone?
We really enjoyed it and are total believers of a huge, gigantic shark living at the bottom of the ocean!!
I don't know if R was attempting to look scared or hungry in this picture.
I don't quite understand my relationship with Pringles and the beach, but they are a must have for me.
1. They are easy to carry.
2. Their tube like case keeps sand out and freshness in.
3. Their deliciousness can only be appreciated when my toes are in the sand and I'm smelling the salt water in the air.
The storms started to blow in near the end of our trip. While some may feel rain ruins a good vacation, at the beach it doesn't. Of course not!
It cools everything off and usually goes away within 30 min to an hour!
"Want to go for a walk R, looks kinda cloudy!?"
"Let's do it!"
About 10 minutes into our walk the rain came down, heavy Florida rain.
We were soaked.
It was one awesome 40 minute walk!
And apparently seagulls go insane in the rain!
We were invited over to my grandmother's house for one of my favorite meals!
Salmon patties!
My grandmother is a wonderful cook and has fed her family of 5 plus their grandkids, and even great grand kids for over 70 years (I'm guesstimating).
We shared stories with my aunt and dad, laughs all around, visiting with family always reminds us of what is really important.
After our visit, we got into the car and I turned to R and said,
"Her patties are way better than mine aren't they?!"
He said (kindly), "Oh yea, much better and so delicious!"
Now I don't take offense to this, because it is the absolute truth!
I have attempted to make salmon patties exactly like my grandmother and they always come out not quite right!
Next time I'm there I'm going to watch her every move, write down every brand she uses, and stalk those patties!
What is it about a floral dress that makes a girl feel extra girlie? I dressed for comfort at the beach and overpacked, this was as dressed up as I got the entire time, most of it was spent in a swimsuit or shorts!
We ended our trip with more donuts (yes, I'm serious) and another stop by my grandmother's for lunch, some hugs, and yardwork (left that to dad and R).
It was a great trip, what else can I say?!


Giggles said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation! And now I want a doughnut.

Erin Elizabeth said...

Love the donut part of this trip. I was wondering what the heck "beach donuts" were. I was picturing donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar to look like sand and sold only on the beach by some 18 year-old in a bikini. Glad you had a fun time--you deserved a nice vacation.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Love your pictures! What a wonderful vacation. My fave pic is the one of you looking up at your man. So cute.

Madtatter80 said...

Yes, looks like you got a well needed vacation. What fun!