Monday, August 26, 2013

Happiness Challenge

Leave it to Elder Holland to tell it like it is. I just love him.
There's nothing my mother hates more than a whiner.There wasn't much whining allowed in my house.
If I was hungry, fix something to eat.
If I was thirsty, get a drink.
If I had an issue with school, I better resolve it myself.
If my friends were hurting my feelings, ignore them.
Whining wasn't something tolerated with other family members as well, especially my aunt. When we visited her house, it was a zero whining zone!
Since I was taught at a young age how annoying a whiner was, as an adult I catch myself before saying something.
But, if I ever had a real issue, a real emergency, my mom has been and will always be there for me to listen and give advice.
Nobody has the time or patience to listen to a bunch of whining.
All complaining really does is make a situation worse and those around miserable.
Nobody wants to hear about how a friend at church hurt their feelings and so they couldn't go to church anymore.
What does that have to do with their duty to worship the Lord, take the sacrament, and participate in church duties?
Nobody wants to hear how a person is sick with a cold and needs to leave work early, when another coworker is dealing with a more serious medical condition.
Nobody wants to hear whining over a restaurant no longer carrying their favorite meal, either go somewhere else, or eat something new!
It always seems like whining comes out over trivial things, or when a person needs attention. If something is truly wrong, they will seek out help, they will try to fix the problem, but whining just gives them the drama they need in their life.
And I ain't got time for that!
So for today's happiness challenge?
Stop whining to live happier, stay aware and in control of yourself, live a more full life!
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Erin Elizabeth said...

Whining is also something that catches on like wildfire. Especially in the work place. It's best to stay positive and set a good example. I suck at this so you're in charge!

Giggles said...

Often when people ask me how I am I'll say, "Can't complain, wouldn't do any good anyway." complaining about a problem never fixes it.