Monday, August 19, 2013

Happiness Challenge

One of the suggestions for living a happier, more full life is to be kinder.
Imagine that.
How could being kinder make us more happy? Wouldn't being nice to others make them feel good, but what about me, me, me?!
Do you ever find yourself saying:
I have issues of my own.
I have problems.
This went wrong and that went wrong.
She won't help me, he doesn't like me. Nobody understands, my life is awful.
I need this help and that help and give me, give me, give me!
What about me?!  
The happiest we will feel is when we are in service to others. When it becomes not about our own issues, but relieving people of their heavy burdens.
There was a time in my life when I was going through a particularly hard experience. I was with a man who was mean spirited, manipulative, and controlling. I was depressed, lonely, and feeling sorry myself, until I got a call from a lady in our ward.
They needed help clearing out a basement for an older woman who would be moving and it would be an all day task.
It was the good kind of work.
Backbreaking, sweat inducing work, and it served it's purpose for me. The Relief Society president was so grateful for our help that day, but I was the one who felt so wonderful, needed, and accomplished.
I've noticed a pattern in my life between people who are happy and others who are not.
One of these groups is so caught up in how they can help others that they soon notice their problems are fixable. They realize that others may be rude or jealous based on their personal situation in life and instead of taking it personally, they help!
The other would rather have people focus on what they need for help, wallowing in self pity than reaching out to help another. They are too caught up in the assumptions of life, assuming others are out to keep them from succeeding.
This week for the happiness challenge I hope to always be kind, it will come naturally when we try to have a positive and thankful outlook on life.


Nikki Bingham Bertola said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing.

Giggles said...

I've also noticed that happiness builds on happiness and kindness builds on kindness. You just need to get the ball rolling.