Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Years Ago Today

It's my anniversary! No, not my wedding anniversary, that isn't for another 5 months. It's my baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 10 year anniversary!

When I asked my mom if she had a picture from my baptism she said, "from when you were a baby or Mormon?" Haha, I said "Mormon", but just in case I am covered as a Presbyterian too!!! Somehow I ended up with no pictures, but I do remember many of my friends my high school attending and several members of the ward. We had a reception afterwards, it was a great day!

Recently a lady asked me a question about church, something about how a lesson was to be run or something...
I told her I didn't know the answer, I replied: "I'm a convert!"
She said, "Oh, how exciting, for how long?!"
I said "10 years this August".
She looked at me and said, "well, you're just one of us now and should have known the answer!"

In a way I was taken aback by her comment. I thought, well that was rude, I can always use the excuse that I'm a convert and don't really know anything!! But not really... I actually know a lot.

Embarrassing it took 10 years for me to get over using "I'm a convert" as an excuse for anything!  

I was baptized at 17 in 2003! Three years later I went to BYU! The best place for a Mormon girl to get an education and for a convert to learn more about our culture. See, there's our beliefs, then there is the culture. I was deeply involved in both while in Utah!
BYU was the best place for me. The devotionals, the wards full of fun friends, the FHEs with huge groups of people my age, the firesides, and memories I'll cherish for a lifetime.

I found myself in a church where I felt so overcome by the feeling of home, that I knew before hearing a sermon (I thought we gave those back then), it was before I learned about the plan of salvation (my favorite of all discussions). It was before I ever met with the missionaries, I just walked into a building and immediately felt different!

Since then I have attended wards (congregations) in Utah, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia. I've seen the same hymnals passed around, heard lessons taught, and observed the reverence during the passing of the sacrament.

Has it brought me peace? Yes
Has it been a source of comfort? Yes
Can I always do better? Yes, of course.
To read my conversion story and the top 5 reasons I love being Mormon click right here, no right here, how about here? Just kidding, it's there and at the top of my blog!

Happy 10 years to me!!!
ps- sorry for the lack of pics, really stinks I don't have any!!


Lisa said...

Ah Congratulations! I'm so happy being a Mormon. My knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings such peace and happiness into my life. We are all "converts" whether we were baptized at 8 or 17 or 25 as my husband was. We all have to come to that personal epiphany with our Savior at one time or another.

Giggles said...

Yea! Happy 10 years! I was baptized August 2nd as well, but in 1986.

J. said...