Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Women Hate Cars

While traveling to an appointment 40 minutes from my hometown, my engine light came on. Not only did it glow with warning, it also had the abbreviations ACS and TRAC OFF in bright orange.

I assumed traction off was probably not a good thing. Since my husband lives in a town an hour and a half away during the week, I knew I'd have to handle the situation myself...

Or call my dad.

Dad met me over at the dealership to have it inspected per our local mechanic shop's request after being unable to see any issues.

We drop the car off and I head into work. During my evening lunch break, my mom takes me by the dealership. I walk into the first door I see, explain that I dropped my car off, here to pick it up. He gives me the "hang on a second, I'm on the phone" finger.

I wait.

He hangs up and says I should talk to another guy, so he walks to the back, grabs some guy who then comes to the front desk. (Now mind you, I was not in the part of the dealership that sells cars, I was in the area that looked like the place where mechanics reside....)

"How can I help you?!"

"Just here to get my car!"

"Oh, well you are going to need to drive through this way, turn right. Go through these doors and speak with the guys over there."

Hmmmmm, ok and the other guy who gave me the "wait" finger, couldn't have TOLD ME THAT?!

So get back in the car with my mom, she drives me over to the other side. Walk up and a bunch of guys are hanging around.

One of them says, "Mam, they've already picked up your car!"

I stared at him blankly and said, "I see it parked right there..."

"Oh, I was just playing with cha!"


Next guy comes out and says, "Here to pick up your car?"

At this point all the riff raff have come out to see the blonde girl who is obviously irritated.

"YES SIR, just NEED THE KEYS!!!!!!"

"Well mam, it's ready to go. Seems the problem was your gas cap wasn't properly placed on. Gotta remember that!"

No lie, he winked at me and handed me the keys. Like you poor, simple minded woman.

And that ladies and the few gentlemen who read this blog is why this particular woman refuses to deal with car issues of any kind.

Never again!


Erika said...

UGH!!!! That is so ridiculous and totally why I hate doing anything that has to do with cars!!! A WINK??! He's lucky you didn't kick him in the face with your proper, sensible, lady-like high heel...

Ginger said...

I am so with you! I hate mechanics! 9 times out of 10 they are the biggest jerks! They think we are stupid because we are women. Makes me so mad. I'm totally with you! That's why I hate cars too!

J. said...

Oh dear...can't say I blame you. I hope you revved your engine on the way out o' there.

ElizaO said...

how frustrating! so with you on this one. I almost want to take a course in mechanics just to be able to spite them and throw all that ego back in their face!

Giggles said...

I love my car, but there have been several car places that have lost my business for reasons very similar to that. Complain to the management. That was disrespectful, rude, and inappropriate in so many ways.

Madtatter80 said...

Been there done that. I don't get winks anymore. And they are so very bored that they wanted to keep you (That pretty girl) there long as possible, parading you around so they all get a look at you. And done the same thing with gas cap, but it goes by faster if you go to auto parts place they will hook up this little computer that tells whats wrong with car(at no cost) and if its a big deal then you can take it to the annoying dealership.