Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo Share Friday

I absolutely love this bedspread on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens this week. Navys, aquas, and pinks, so classy! Maybe one day I will have my own home to decorate, for now I am satisfied with making a cozy apartment our place to rest our heads.

 I've told y'all before about Mary Kay Andrews, the Georgia author who writes sassy, Southern Chick Lit. I have to say every time I read one of her new books, I think it is my favorite and this one tops the list!
 My sweet little girl as been neglected on weekends while I run up to Athens to help R house sit for a family. Aren't her Cocker Spaniel cheeks so precious?!
The house owners have a dog, Foxy Roxy, who is a fun loving Golden Retriever.  She is just like Sunny, a rescue who loves people, spoiled rotten, and she loves to lay in the bed! 
Remember last year's post about her snake bite by the pool?! 
House sitting is a tough gig. 
Laying out by the pool.
Watching movies with their projector on their movie screen. 
Taking a pretty dog for walks.
Sleeping in a luscious, quiet guest room. 
Basically not having a care in the world, it's a tough life! 

This has been a fast moving summer for us. R took a full schedule of classes and will be finished with Summer semester this coming week. This fall will be his last at UGA, I just can't even believe it! 
I've worked all summer in the library, which is tough on beautifully sunny days! 
We are going to the beach, once he is finished and I can't wait to share all the stories and pictures with y'all!

Have a wonderfully terrific weekend!


JJ said...

I love, love, love MKA. I really enjoyed that book. I think I liked it more because of the blogger aspect.

Have a great weekend!

Mom said...

UHHHHH, neglected? I don't think so!!! Sunny sleeps with her grammie, eats like a queen- thanks to dad, watches TV with the fam (oh how i wish i could take a video of her doing that for you to post!)and otherwise sleeps and sleeps and sleeps!

Boswell0617 said...

I love Mary Kay Andrews too! Hissy Fit is my favorite so far.

Madtatter80 said...

Really nice taste on the bed spread choice I like it. I've never herd of this book but I do very little reading, when I do I'll give it a try. That picture of your dog looks so good makes you want to kiss her:) You do know, there job is watching you do yours! and I'm sure you just exhaust her. Going back to the first thing you said, I know the feeling, sometimes I lay awake at night wondering if the bulbs I planted ever bloomed or if the other owners even noticed the super cool thorn less black berry bush I planted, with berries as big as your thumb. Oh well lets hope so.

J. said...

Ahhh. Sounds lovely. Library with all those books, a nice house sitting gig and sweet puppies all around. Sounds like a slice of heaven.