Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Share Friday

 Oh, hi there.
Wondering what's standing in my driveway?
A bird.
Not just any bird, a peacock.
I woke up this morning and was told "Whit, there's a peacock in the driveway." My dad's in great health so I knew he didn't just suffer a stroke.
I went outside and there he was, slowly pecking around our driveway.
I called Animal Control, I was worried the lady on the other end thought I was being inappropriate at 8:30 in the morning.
"Hi, yes, there is a peacock in my driveway?"
"I'm sorry what? Wait, let me get your address.... now you said there's a what in your driveway?"
"A peacock! Ya know, a bird with beautiful feathers, a PEAcock!"
I waited for a while for them to arrive and they never showed up. I guess they figured he'd make his way back home somehow.
He meandered down the street while I watched tense that he would be hit by a car, up my neighbor's driveway and off into the woods.
And you thought things couldn't get any weirder here on Southern Hope!
I saw and heard the news about Rolling Stone having the Boston bomber on their cover, decked out like he's a sex symbol rock star.
We sometimes get Rolling Stone as a donation to the library, when I saw it in our box, I tore the cover off and shredded it.
Because that's how I roll.
A couple hours into my work day some beautiful young women came to visit me from church. They are all in middle school and I remember how AWFUL that was for me. So I try to be there for them as much as I possibly can.  
Middle school was the. worse. time. of. my. life.
They brought cupcakes and good conversation!
So, let's talk about wrinkles.
Let's talk about dark spots.
Let's talk about bangs?
No bangs?
The years of playing tennis in the sun is showing on this fair skinned girl.
Doesn't stop me from planning a week long beach trip in August, where this bum isn't getting off the sand for a full week!
Except for food. Gotta have food.
We had a rather powerful hour long rain storm come through last night. We lost power for over an hour, tree limbs were everywhere.
And apparently a peacock blew in as well!!
Hope y'all have an active weekend!


Carry Rhea said...

i love storms. i wish we had more interesting storms in scotland. we sometimes get crazy windy days, but i dont think i've heard thunder the whole time i've lived here (i moved to scotland 2 years ago) and i haven't seen lightning in as long as i can remember!

come to think of it, it hasn't even rained that much lately. we've been having really strangely lovely weather lately! haha.

Carry x

Erika said...

Ha!! Love the random peacock in the driveway. Only you would NOT love it once it's about dusk and peacocks DON'T SHUT UP. And their 'calls' are SOOOOO loud and annoying. There were peacocks that lived near the Little League field my brother played at growing up and that's all you'd hear all night at a game. Obnoxious. Love the picture of you shredding the disgusting cover...

Jessica Schmitz said...

Oh girl! I know...the wrinkles and dark spots got me too. But that sounds like a fun beach trip. Can't wait to hear all about it and see your pics.

Lesa said...

I noticed the peacock, but I was more noticing the driveway. I love it!!