Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Share Friday

We have gotten so much rain lately, I feel like we are living in a tropical rain forest! It's cooled things off for the summer, so whenever we do get some intense heat it's going to be a killer!
I have to admit that my iTouch does not take the best of pictures, but I appreciate y'all hanging in with me since I feel the need to document our weeks!!
Yummy, yummy, yummy! Deviled eggs, a Southern girl's must. These went fast and R wasn't even home!
We watched the Bryan twins and Andy Murray at Wimbledon. My family and I saw them play at UGA back when they were known as the Stanford twins, all three are amazing athletes!
Did you know I've played tennis since I was 3? Started out hitting balls with a racquetball racket, bigger head, smaller grip.
I've been reading this lovely book from Elder Holland, it is filled with beautiful Psalms verses with encouraging, loving chapters. Psalms is my grandmother's favorite book in the Bible, so I think of her many times while reading. It is a beautifully poetic part of the Bible. 


carryfiasco said...

that rain photo just looks perfect. i love crazy rain when you're in a quite place and you can just sit and watch it and listen to it hitting the windows/the roof.

my favourite thing as a child was when it rained when we were in our caravan and i could sit colouring listening to the rain hounding on the roof.

Carry x

J. said...

We're sharing your rain. Ugh. But I guess I can curl up with some good deviled eggs and a book and wait it out :).

Giggles said...

I love me a good deviled egg.

We're in our monsoon season right now and we love going out on our patio to watch the storms. There's something empowering about watching that power of nature.