Thursday, July 4, 2013

Last Week

I don't know how exactly to explain this past week, but I felt like sharing so I'm just going to write and let y'all interrupt it how you like!

  • Beginning of the week I had a parent who left the library extremely upset. She was rude and I'm putting that nicely. I wrote up an e-mail to my director to make him aware of the situation. Thankfully, the next day when she e-mailed a complaint to those "on high" it was quickly resolved based on my reputation at the school. I'm working on not being hurt by her actions, but I know I did nothing wrong. I've worked at the school for 3 years and never had a complaint.

  • R is researching where he wants to complete his internship. The person who is supposed to be assisting with this information was in a not so happy state and she has been making our lives more than difficult since this process has started. I'm saying that nicely, very, very nicely. I won't go into full detail here, but let's just say it has not been fun.

  • In the same week, R's religion teacher taught about Mormonism. He addressed polygamy, said he didn't feel Mormonism was a real religion, and shared some not so accurate information about our African American brothers and sisters. He asked the class if there were any Mormons present and R was the only one to raise his hand. The teacher asked if he would like to share about his religion the following day, but when that day came he didn't give R any time to speak or at least correct the false information. R raised his hand and asked to share, he was given a small amount of time and quickly explained why the church practiced polygamy so early on and that we have plenty of LDS African Americans as well as some who were early pioneers in the church. He was told he was wrong and needed to study his religion better. When the teacher walked out of the room, a student said "so it's like that South Park episode, right?"The whole class laughed and R did not respond. He noticed a guy walking down the aisle towards his seat. The student sat next to him and proved to R why he felt prompted to share his beliefs in a hostile environment. The student said he had many LDS friends, but that questions about polygamy and African Americans in the church history were holding him back from learning more about the church. He thanked R and left. When he told me what happened, I was beyond stressed out. R has sense sorted things out with the professor, he admired him for sharing his thoughts! People wonder why Mormons rush to live on the West coast, we are so hated in the Bible Belt it can be very scary at times, even though we are Christians! The misinformation that is spread about our faith by people is hurtful, no other way to word it, and if others would just ask us, we would gladly answer!

  • Over the weekend, I shut my mom's outside door very, very softly and one of her beautiful mirrors fell to the ground and shattered. That door has been slammed a million times (especially when I was a teen). I know it is bad luck to break a mirror and considering I've already had a pretty NOT so lucky 7 years, that's the LAST thing I need!

  • Saturday, R was filling out papers upon papers upon papers for his internship. While sitting at my mom's dining room table, the light fixture above his head dropped onto the table, rolled towards his coca-cola glass on the other side of the table, knocked off the glass and shattered all over the floor. We have no idea what caused it or what in the world happened!
So. Weird.

Just for reference for those of you not of our faith here are some links to questions about polygamy (to sum up, no we do not practice it) and African Americans (or any race really) in our church.

Happy Independence Day!
I love this great country and I proudly pledge allegiance to our flag!


Lisa said...

Can I say how proud I am of R standing up for our beliefs in his class which sounded quite hostile. What an amazing guy, and to think that he was able to touch one person in the class should be so gratifying. Things are hostile in the West, too. Regardless of where you live, there are always haters. The best we can hope for is an "agree to disagree" attitude and "let's be friends".

Strange things going on in your neck of the woods...Don't walk under any ladders, and be sure to knock on wood. ;)

Momza said...

Having grown up in the South, and born into a family of "preachers"--I know well what you're talking about with regard to the ignorant prejudices. One thing to remember is that those who preach against our faith (anywhere) are making a living out of being ministers/preachers/reverends. It is their profession and they'll say whatever they need to say to protect it. Glad to hear the outcome was good though.

J. said...

To coin a phrase from Elisha, those who are with you are stronger than broken mirrors and glasses and snooty professors. Sounds like you both made some really good lemonade out of all those sour lemons. Happy Fourth and after :).

Giggles said...

Sounds like quite the week. Glad you made it through to the other side.