Monday, July 29, 2013

Happiness Challenge

Well hello there!!
I started writing a little late this Monday evening, but better late than never for a Happiness Challenge post!
 I am such a huge people pleaser. Sometimes that doesn't make for the best type of friend. I have lost and found friendships that have somehow survived various years of misunderstandings, gossiping, and wrong assumptions. Try as I might to be a good person, sometimes life just gets in the way!
One particular friend comes to mind.
We've known each other since Kindergarten, we were bound if not just by sheer laws of nature to have dramatic girl fights. It was inevitable for us to have full blown not going to talk to you for months, maybe years types of fights.
But isn't it weird we are still friends?
There is something there that always draws us back to each other, where we pick up right where we left off, a mutual understanding of respect and forgiveness.
Thank goodness I have never done or said anything that would ruin this friendship for life, I think both of us try to tread carefully because to lose the other would just be really, really heartbreaking.
Whew! With all that over and done, what do I feel the challenge is for this week?
To seek out what I want to become, and become what I want to be!
And for you to think about what you want to become, Mondays are the best days to start fresh!
 Here are some characteristics I need in my life, off the top of my head (that's how most of these posts are formed anyway!).
(Lord knows there isn't a lot of that in my blood)
Quick to forgive
(I think it is engrained in Southern women to take note of grievances, never ever burn bridges, but have mercy on your soul if we ever get into a screaming match, we will drag up every sin ever committed and throw it right into that pretty face!)
(I have issues with sharing too much of my own business and sometimes other people’s business comes leaking out, usually I am just trying to problem solve not necessarily gossip, am I right?)
(Never mind, just that word alone makes my skin crawl; I am submissive to the Lord and nobody else!)
 So I guess what it all comes down to is by becoming what I want to become, I must surround myself with people who are better and who are seeking out the same things.
We have to catch ourselves from acting on those weaker habits, stopping them dead in their tracks before them come oozing out!
Sidenote: I can't be held accountable for anything I've said while hungry or without sleep!!!


Sarah said...

Love this Whitney!

Madtatter80 said...

Yes me too, you organize these instructions very well. I read some other blog where this woman was complaining and complaining, to where I kinda was getting mad and then thought, she is just having a bad day, poor thing. I got to be quick to forgive.