Monday, July 22, 2013

Happiness Challenge

And what lasts longest?
Say it with me!
Oh, I know people love to roll their eyes at the cheeriness of Mormons, but oh how we love our families! We are so excited for pot lucks, Christmas dinners, and sporting events to cheer on little ones!
How annoying...
I haven't always been the best family member. Not the most loyal, respectful being in the world either.
My attitude came early in my life, say around 4th or 5th grade.
I had sass, a lot of it.
I back talked my momma like nobody's business.
Middle school later straightened me out when I encountered pretty girls with *gasp* boyfriends at an age when I was still learning to brush the back of my head, not just the front.
Those were pre braces days too, oh the horror that was middle school.  
High school brought boys and friends, lots of them.
They stopped by the house, where my dad would "take a message" and deliver it with no name and little description of who it was actually stopping by.
High school brought more independence when I got my license and a beautifully used black Ford F150 truck. I cruised around that town like I owned it, picked up friends, ate McDonald's (which was a real treat at my house), and met friends for workouts and sleepovers.
With all that independence came many choices. Some choices I made were good, some were extremely dumb and regrettable, but we've all been there right?
After several broken hearts, cliquey fights with friends, screaming matches with my parents which ended with my squealing tires down the driveway, I eventually grew up. I started to see my parents for what they were instead of what my mind was creating them to be.
They were
Who worked hard from a young age to provide a life not just for themselves but for their future children. Who knew the value of a dollar, when to save, when to spend. Who respected people's values and beliefs and taught me to find my own.
They are my people, and forever they will be my family.
 Currently there are 4 members in R and I's family,
yes my pets count
We are now on the journey to take what we have both learned from our families and create our own traditions, make our own memories. While still loving and appreciating where we came from, we can look forward to where we are going.
As we try to find our way in the this life, may we always remember what matters most.


Lisa said...

Amen! As my kids are flying the coop, I realize how precious my time with them really is...My missionary son is being transferred to Lawrenceville on Wednesday.

Momza said...

The sweetest letters I've received from my children, have been those that have been written from the mission field. Suddenly, my children see me in a different light and many expressions of regret mingled with gratitude are expressed...more than one has written, "Thanks Mom, for not killing me in my sleep when I deserved it." lol

Madtatter80 said...

I like your writing on what matters most, and how you grew from child to adult and I feel it makes us all reflect on our own moments when we thought we were where it was at. I am amazed
no matter how old I am that every experience makes me learn more and how living in the present is living. I love your little Family and the thought of you all going on your adventures together makes me happy.