Monday, July 15, 2013

Happiness Challenge

In a world where technology has overtaken social interactions,
 where angry politics are debated,
when working overtime to pay for the newest cars is important,
when spending less time with kids to work extra hours to then be able to provide every material thing for them,
when fast food is picked up because of exhaustion,
when a $1,000 purse is more important than $1,000 to a local charity,
when buying cheap is more important than buying in the USA,  
and after all that...
selfishly assuming we have it so much worse than others.
Where are your priorities?
If our desires are based around the time spent with our loved ones, serving others, being a part of out communities. Our desires will then influence our choices and then our actions.
I really loved this quote from the Happiness Challenge. Absolutely awesome, hope to refer back to it often! 


J. said...

Oh this is a good one and a good insight into a challenge I've been wondering how to fix. Thanks.

Giggles said...

Prioritizing is one thing I'm constantly working on. So many things try to make themselves the most important thing in my life, but very few things really are.