Monday, July 1, 2013

Happiness Challenge: Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

When I saw that this was the quote for this week's happiness challenge, I thought
ooooohhhhhhh..... no....
What can I say to them?
Then I thought, the point of all this is ways to be happier! The quotes each Monday are supposed to bring me happiness and those who read this blog.
Having faith in myself is something I desperately need to work on.
Since I am a people pleaser, to the extreme, it has always been hard for me to make decisions.
When something needs to happen, I survey all friends and family, discussing different ideas, trying to make the best decision based on MANY opinions.
Now that makes all of my friends and family feel so good, because I am asking their opinion and getting their involvement in my life.
But typically I don't walk away from those conversations feeling ANY better.
Most of those opinions don't agree, which just puts me back at the beginning.
So why can't I have more faith in myself?
Is it about confidence or faith?
If this is one of the steps to make one happier, then I will have to work on it!
What about y'all, what have you done to have more faith in yourself?


Ginger said...

This is such a great post Whitney! Having more confidence in ourselves can be so so hard, can't it? I think most people feel this way at one time or another. I've learned that when I feel the most vulnerable, unsure, or insecure, if I will really study the Gospel and ponder what I learn that it helps more than anything else. I spend some time with myself in a quiet place and really ponder what it is that is bothering me and pray for guidance. Then when I just start searching... everywhere... the scriptures,, Ensigns... I look up every word that comes to mind until I find the right talk or scripture that helps me figure out what to do. As soon as I find it, the Holy Ghost whispers to me that I have found my answer. Then I feel confident in making my decision and following through because I feel like it is what Heavenly Father is telling me. There have been times I have had to search for hours, days, or weeks before I've found what I needed. Other times it has been just a matter of minutes. The key is to keep looking until you find it. It's always there. Repeating this process over and over in my life has really helped me to believe in myself and my ability to do what is right for me. Before long you will have so much faith in answered prayers that you won't even realize you've stopped asking others for advice. It takes practice and patience, but it is a promise that each of us can realize. I know this to be true. <3

J. said...

I used to be this way but then life sends its knocks and its easy to succumb to the idea that you just don't have it. I'm still working on building it back up. This quote is great.