Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Be Kind to the Missionaries

A fellow Mormon blogger friend at That's What She Said, posted this video. She posted it for different reasons than me, she has a son on a mission in Georgia (what what, small world!) and so to her this video meant something more meaningful. She is the mother of a missionary!

When I watched it, the video stirred up different feelings for me and of course, I had to share them.
I hope you watch the video so my thoughts make the most impact.

I want to start out by saying how proud I am that my husband served a mission.
He was poor growing up and worked throughout high school to help his parents pay for groceries and utilities. He moved to Texas where his sister lived and gained help for his mission, he met a wonderful Bishop there who mentored him. He didn't have a lot of support for his mission, but he went anyway. We found out this past week that the Bishop who mentored R died unexpectedly, he committed suicide, something R never would've thought this man could or would do. We are praying for his family and are so very sorry for their loss.

My husband has ADHD. It's something I talk about every now and then on the blog. He's been told he is dumb, rude, stupid, that he will never amount to anything, and other lovely statements. I pride myself on reading the most updated information out there about ADHD, so if you have it in your family let's discuss sometime ok?

Onto my thoughts...
My husband made a choice. He served a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and guess what, he served in Provo, Utah!

Which he would later be made fun of for as well, I'm sorry to be so brutally honest, but it's the truth. Y'all should see people's disappointed faces when they hear he served in Provo! They are hoping to hear Mongolia! France! Africa! Russia!

But guess what?
My husband served, he didn't leave the MTC early (which sometimes happens), he served the people of Utah, he served their families, their ward members, he helped reactivate some members who struggled with their beliefs, he made memories, he found friendships, he grew from a boy to a man.

He served the Lord to the best of his ability, and he finished!
For that I am so very proud of my husband.

Another thought or emotion that came to mind while watching this beautiful video was all those mothers. To see them brought tears to my eyes. Those mothers who waited each week for a letter home, the mothers who sent care packages, bragging during church about their missionary, bearing testimony of moments their missionary's shared, sending new jackets and shoes, home made cookies, and prayed on their knees day in and day out for their boys (or girls) to be safe.

I thought of those mothers and the sacrifice they make so that their sons can grow, become better men, and serve the Lord.

THEN, forgive me for this rather negative, but honest thought....
I thought of the missionaries who told me they have had food thrown at them while walking or biking. Who have had dogs released on them. Who have had guns pulled on them. Who have been spat upon, yelled at, cursed at, and threatened.

Don't believe me? Ask a missionary who has served, they will have at least one story similar to those listed and if they've served in the Southern part of the U.S. they'll have a story a week for you.

It's heartbreaking to me, so I am taking to my blog to ask my readers, to ask those who might not quite understand the LDS church, who may think we are peculiar, even though we may be a religion you don't want to be involved in, please remember that these boys, these girls that knock on your doors, who walk in the rain, who bike in the heat, remember they are some one's child.

They have a mother waiting patiently at home for their letter to arrive.


Ginger said...

I'm sitting here missing my girl and bawling my eyes out while I read this. Thanks for sharing this. :)

J. said...

Lovely. Even the sisters aren't immune from the naysayers. I had a companion who had a knife pulled on her another who was kicked at while being chased down the stairs by an angry man they'd tracted into. Besides the slamming doors, I got off pretty lucky--the worst I had was a drunk guy try to kiss me.

Lesa said...

Thank you for sharing! I am going to be one of those Moms in one year!! Our son has been out a year. :) I can't wait until next summer, but for right now -- I wouldn't want him anywhere else.

I am proud of your husband, too!! So sorry to hear about the Bishop that was his mentor.