Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Trees

I saw this on Pinterest last week and couldn't wait to share it for today's Wonderful Wednesday.
It was amazing to me how beautiful Utah was when I first moved there, my breath literally caught in my chest when I saw the mountains for the first time.
It was overwhelming and gorgeous.
I always appreciated them, never took them for granted, because I knew I would move back home one day, or at least somewhere in the South.
When I flew home for holiday visits to Georgia, while driving from the Atlanta airport home, I grew a new appreciation for our trees and realized Georgia is a truly beautiful state.
I never realized it until then, so I guess getting out of our comfort zones helps us to appreciate life around us.
I love Georgia now more than ever as I've gotten more into traveling around my home state and introducing new places to R!
As far as this graphic goes, it really has to do with being MORE like a tree not necessarily loving trees, but I just had to add my two cents!
Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! 


Lisa said...

I like the part about be content with your natural beauty. (in the graphic above). My daughter and I were just looking at pictures today of stars who have altered their looks with facelifts, botox, nose jobs, etc. I just don't think they looked as good as what God started them out looking like...

As for your latter commentary, I think there is something beautiful about every area of the country I have lived in, and I've moved quite a bit. I think is all about finding the beauty, joy and happiness right where we are.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I miss the trees lining I-75 on our drives from Macon to Warner Robbins and Perry, especially in the fall! Here it is desert, which can have its own kind of beauty but nothing compares to the those trees.

Giggles said...

I used to think I could never love the ocean, till I lived on the beach for a month as a missionary. There is beauty everywhere!

ElizaO said...

putting Georgia and trees together with natural beauty and contentment now has me hungry for some peaches! love New England but there are times that I miss the south!