Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Night I Spent in Jail Part 2

I spent that night with my fellow seniors in the muck and grossness that is any overnight jail. We were given group accommodations, thank goodness, while the drunks slept it off on the cots down the hall.

I knew my parents well enough to know, a late night phone call that I was in jail was not what they would expect. And to be honest, they are such hard sleepers their phones probably weren’t on anyway!
Instead, I called the Colonel who was in charge of our battalion for the high school and middle school. I called him because he was a nice guy and my aunt always had nothing but the nicest things to say about him. I had witnessed his kindness in real life and knew he would have pity on us.

“Col., it’s Whitney, just wanted to let you know, there’s eleven seniors here, we’ve been locked up for toilet papering houses, can you help us?”

I’ll never forget what he said.
“Does everybody there promise to get to formation on time this morning?” (formation was a daily morning inspection beginning at 7:45 AM).

I repeated the request to my buddies….they all nodded their heads, thankful they would have the day to inform their parents in person of what happened.
“Yes, sir, we will be there!”

The Colonel came to the police station, we paid our fines. I remember digging some change and dollar bills out of my dad's emergency stash in the van, his emergencies were cravings for candy bars.

And we were then released from the funk of the jail, dew on the grass outside, the sun barely rising.

How ironic it was that I drove from the jail to my cousin’s house, took a quick shower, and headed to early morning seminary at our church.
No lie.

From jail to church in under thirty minutes.
That afternoon eleven seniors cleaned up the toilet paper from the two houses we hit and it was only the first official day of our homecoming week.

The woman who called the police had lawn ornaments stolen out of her yard the week before. She thought it was the same group of kids coming back, so when they pulled us over they searched our car for lawn ornaments and all they found was toilet paper and chalk.

The coach whose driveway we wrote all over with chalk called the police and said he wasn't pressing charges, wasn't upset with us, and was used to getting his house toilet papered over homecoming week.

All we had was toilet paper and chalk people!!

I won't lie to y'all, whenever I see our neighborhood decorated with streams of white paper hanging from tree branches...

I smile to myself, remembering the thrill of tossing and rolling with my senior friends, what a memory, what a life!! 


J. said...

That is a great story!

Erin Elizabeth said...

You called the Colonel?!?! You are very brave! Fun story--glad it's not mine. Jail terrifies me.

Lisa said...

I had to chuckle at the thought that you went form jail to seminary. At least your heart was in the right place. As for the charges, were they all dropped? No criminal record? Craziness I say...