Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This past weekend, R and I with pride in our hearts attended the Spirit of GMC Concert with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra to pay tribute to the President of Georgia Military College. He retired this year and it was a way for faculty, staff, and the community to say their goodbyes. To see how a real man lives and leads an accomplished life, read General Boylan's biography.

My dad was asked to be the concluding speaker for the tribute to the General. Dad read one of his featured poems and acknowledged the amazing improvements the General brought to GMC over 20 years ago. He made me so proud and I won't lie, I had tears in my eyes, so very proud to be his daughter!  
The conductor of the orchestra was hilarious, very entertaining and a UGA grad! They played patriotic hits and during one of the songs let the General conduct, which was really great!  
Campus was lovely with just a little humidity in the air. The rain held off, which was much appreciated.  
I didn't take my Canon to the concert, although I kinda wish I had now that I see these awful pictures from my iTouch! If you squint your eyes, the lovely lady singing on stage is Katie Deal, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal's daughter. He was also in attendance, there wasn't a dry eye in the house, when she sang "Daddy's Eyes".
Proud to also say, Governor Deal got our votes!!
At the end of the concert, the sky was a beautiful pink and purple. This picture has not been edited, isn't it beautiful?!
Afterwards I had to feed the husband, of course, so we ate at a local Mexican restaurant, then went home fat and happy!

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