Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo Share Friday

I've noticed that green smoothies seem to be all the rage lately. I've also noticed that people pack a lot of unneeded calories into their smoothies, so I wanted to share my own recipe for my green smoothie.
Basically it's everything but the kitchen sink!
 4 oz. of Almond Milk (it ranges from 30-90 calories) 
or 4 oz. of Orange juice
Add water if it gets too hard to blend
Spinach or kale, about 2 handfuls
I've added carrots before, they have their own sweetness and celery too! 
Any mix of fruit banana, frozen mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries,
 it's really whatever you are in the mood for that day
Just don't over do it, a little bit of fruit adds enough sweetness and the sugar calories can start to add up.
tbsp coconut oil (117 cal.)
1/2 tbsp flax seed (15 cal.)
Surprisingly, flax seed and coconut oil do have some calories to them, but I find their health benefits to be well worth it.
Sometimes I don't need ice, the frozen fruit is icy enough, then sometimes I do, all up to you.
This makes for a delicious, fiber rich, nutritious smoothie!!   
More pretty flowers to share with y'all. These lovelies were growing outside our library earlier this week. They look fake, but I promise they are real!  
Did you know that Superman is actually my dad? That's right, movies, cartoons, and sitcoms have him portrayed all wrong.
He is actually a tennis and golf coach, a health and fitness professor, and a newspaper columnist.
That's who superman is and he is my dad.
When I was little we would watch the Christopher Reeve's version of Superman together, dad's excitement over the movies added to my own excitement.
I loved how this farm boy came from humble beginnings, loved his family, respected his parents, made it in the big city as a newspaper reporter, and won over the beautiful Lois Lane!
 Superman is my favorite superhero! 
But I always knew who the real superman was,
the man who spent hours feeding tennis balls over the net,
the man who makes a kick butt grilled cheese sandwich,
the man who taught me a love for the beach and how to body surf,
the man who has a tender heart for all animals,
the man who drove through water puddles in our old Ford truck.
That's Superman!
Happy Father's Day, daddy!!!! Love you!
Are these not the cutest shoes you have ever seen?! I have them in yellow too!
They are precious. My mom bought them from Veryjane, thinking they would fit, well they were a full size too big and fit my dainty (ha) size 9 feet perfectly!
We've had weird weather lately, one minute it is sunny, the next a thunderstorm!
But it's made for some amazing rainbows, I feel like they've been following me around lately.
The sky was beautiful after work Wednesday night, had to post a picture, no filter, just pink and blue skies!
 One of my friends from church dropped off some muffins and a card. I thought the card was from her, but then I opened it to find signatures from the young women in my old ward. Such sweet, sweet words that really made my night!
Hope y'all have a fun weekend, no rain, pray for no rain, only sunny skies,
this home girl needs a tan!! 


J. said...

I haven't been able to do a green smoothie yet. I feel like I'll turn radioactive or something. I guess I should just close my eyes and chug it down.

Erin Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you got that picture of the rainbow. I was inside and didn't even know it was so pretty out. I love taking pictures of rainbows but I can never really capture how pretty they are. Bad photographer

Lisa said...

I think I would enjoy a green smoothie with lime sherbet, but then that defeats the purpose.... ;) I saw a Father's Day sign in a store that read something to the effect of "I don't need a Super Hero. I've got my Dad."

Giggles said...

Those yellow flowers and the sky are beautiful!!

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Your dad sounds amazing! We make green shakes almost everyday. Very similar recipe to yours.

Anonymous said...

If you freeze your berries, bananas & other fruit you would not need to add additional water through adding ice...just a tip.