Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Share Friday

Chick-fil-a was never my place to go for a salad. They just always tasted so gross to me, so I never got them, only went there for a lemonade and chicken sandwich! But noooowwww they have debuted their new salads and mine was sooo delicious!
This is the New Grilled Market Place salad, the nuts and granola are add ins. SOOO good!  
I started watching Giuliana and Bill on Netflix. They don't have the seasons updated, so I probably have to move over to hulu, just a warning.
I really admire how public they have been about their infertility journey as well as her battle with breast cancer. There was an episode inside a doctor's office a couple weeks after their 1st IUI attempt, she was positive she was pregnant, but the doctor came into the room and said those awful words, "I'm sorry". Her emotions were so real and I just respect the openness they have, she is my new favorite celebrity!  
These little scoop spoons came from Pick your Plum, they fit perfectly into my baking jars.  
Speaking of baking.... My husband earned his cookies this past weekend!
One scoop for the pan, one bite for me, one scoop for the pan, one bite....
See where this is going?
R has found some type of drawing app on his iTouch. I have been begging him ever since the talk from President Uchtdorf to draw some forget me nots.
I'll settle for this cool neon drawing for now, but don't think he is off the hook for giving me a real artistic piece for our home!!!!
It is on my to do blogging list to post some of R's artwork, I just need to make sure it is copyright protected. He has a knack for BEAUTIFUL charcoal drawings, he won an award while in school for the most talented artist that quarter.
Very proud to have such a multi talented husband!  
R has caught my photography bug and sent over some beautiful shots from campus this week.
Oh the beauty a little humidity can bring to the South!
These above are all no filter shots!
Except for this one, had to dress it up a little bit.
Really beautiful shots from UGA's campus this past week!  

I also posted the pictures of our Pinterest library display on Instagram, but didn't want to overload y'all with those. Click here to read the post about our Pinterest board!
Happy weekend to y'all, we have some exciting plans, just hope the rain stays away!!


J. said...

Wow, that flower close up is stunning! Now I'm I want a salad or cookies?

Mom said...

All those pics from his itouch? Super! and love that FF places are finally getting some yummier healthier fare!

Lisa said...

I'm a chick fil a chicken sandwich girl. That's what I always get...

Georgia is gorgeous...we are thinking about picking up our son after his mission...but there may be a wedding on our horizon with our other son, so we may not...

Giggles said...

I love that orange flower!